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So Throwed Thursdays at FW


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my head hurts a little this morning.
i went out to celebrate the getting of my job with my best girl - who is ALWAYS working and i never get to see her, so i was sosuperstoked that she wasn't doing anything last night.

i was curious to see this new hiphop thing they're doing at Footwork on Thursdays - so we headed over there, despite the rain... the place was pretty empty, but whatever, it was raining.

this morning i was reminded of why i don't drink, ow - my head. fuck.

anyway, all of this to say that the music was actually pretty decent - i love hiphop but not just any hiphop - and the selection played showed some discernment. I don't own very many hiphop albums because I'd rather spend my money on techno :O so it's nice to be able to go somewhere and pay someone else to own good hiphop albums.

i guess i'm just glad it wasn't top40 hiphop and i not once felt the need to vomit on my shoes. we had a really good time. we didn't get all krunked out on the dancefloor or anything, but there's always next thursday... i mean shit: $5 cover, cheap drinks, and some badass bass lines? i'm down with that.

good hiphop+a few cocktails+Footwork = a really decent chilled out Thursday
shuper shweet.
boo work now. :(
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