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So the freestylers are back in Toronto!


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Was talking to Aston and told him how much the Toronto crowd loves the old school Freestylers and he blamed Matt for the electrohouse years lol.

Looking forward to this one, I hope you old schoolers will drop in. How many of you are still checking in here? The breaks room seems like a ghost town.

Make It Funky, Monster Energy, Nufunk.ca and DNA Selections are proud to present the freestylers December 20th at wrongbar. Its been 5 years since The Freestylers last visited Toronto, their sound is what got the Make It Funky Collective into Breaks in back in the 90's. Get ready to dance! Alongside Marcus Visionary, Farbsie Funk, D-Monic, A live set from Keener, D-Monic & DJ Quesquecest this bill is stacked! A lineup not to be missed! Mark your attendance now and share this post! Let us know your favorite Freestylers track- There are so many to choose from! https://www.facebook.com/events/602115859915769/
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Yes it was 5 years ago the last time Freestylers touched down in Toronto. Ive seen them since in other places but its been a while since the T-dot. Gonna be amazing been chatting with Aston he is really hyped.

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Freestylers have been crushing it again. Between Love My Bass, SkAcid, their remix of 601's "Stars", and freebies like Saturday Night Flava, its safe to say they've made their way back into my playlists consistently once again like the bosses they were in the past.

Here is a tasty mix for those on the fence that will be lucky enough to be around for their arrival in Toronto. Proper breaks and bass:
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