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so, tell me what i need to be doing from here....

Sal De Ban

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aside from what cosmo mentioned, it seems all good. even that louder mid-bass doesn't seem 'too' loud really....

I've used the apc20. it is fun.

sounding good!

Mrs. Pink

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I am, and i've learned a ton even since working on that track...had a good chat with Dave Pezzner about some workflow stuff as well.....had a chance to watch how he does his live PA.......so it's back to the studio i go.....really, i feel that only thing i'm really missing is variance in my tracks....which is really my focus right now.


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good start mat! good on you for sharing, this is how you're going to get better and better.

i agree with darren. something to consider is your mix shouldn't be clipping into the red very often. if it is you have a lot of things to turn down, in this case it's most of your instruments. after that is under control you can use a limiter to punch it back up.

even worse, i am suspicious that ableton has some sort of hidden limiter in it because so many people use it for live performance. i know a program like cubase would reveal the distortion more harshly.

now the drums are going for a tech-house sound, but the instruments are dipping more into a progressive territory. i wouldn't let the pad ring out for as long as it's ringing here. that goes for the bass too. let it take a stab, and then throw in a slap bass to fill in the rest of the bar or something.

that's something that i caught wind of in my music lately that i want to share with you. it's especially important when you're dipping into this genre.

i want to play for you a track i found on soundcloud randomly. it's a rip-off of deadmau5 and wolfgang gartner, but i love the energy these guys are bringing. listen for the pauses and how the instruments call & answer.

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