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so lets just say you were going to sell your records....


TRIBE Member
and you wanted to sell them as a lot..how much would you ask for this:

Lost Gemz: Chapter Two Music Is The Key/Let Me Be/Greater Love/Good 2 U ??
Dubcuts 1, Vol 2 Coca Cola/Dubplate 1/Code Black/Police & Helicopter ??
Drum n' Bass Classics Fire/Everyman/Gangsta/Under Mi Sensi/Intelligent Woman/Code Red ??
Armand Van Helden Ain't Armand ??
M.I.S.T How You Make Me Feel/Neptune 31 Records/31R009
Digital Deadline/Fix Up 31 Records/31R012
Pressure Rise Focus LP Aspect/ASPLP001
John B. Future Reference LP Beta/BETALP03
Klute We R The Ones (Rmx)/Chicks (Remix) Certificate 18/CERT1853
Mampi Swift Main Frame LP Charge/CHARGELP001
Trinity Kick Subs/Wild Funk/Amen Bleeps/Supa Niggas Chronic/CHRO13
Supply & Demand Black Beat/Show Me/Pure & Simple/Freeze Chronic/CHRO14
Total Science Wots My Code/Breakfast Club CIA/CIA005
Total Science Make Me Feel EP CIA/CIA006
Teebee Dynasty Warriors/Lifeless Creative Source/CRSE0029
Carlito & Addiction U Got Me Thinking/Make It Real Creative Source/CRSE0030
Carlito & Addiction Just Wanna Be/Keep On Pushing Creative Source/CRSE0032
John B. Hold It Down/The Way I Feel Creative Source/CRSE027
Cyba Space Cyba LP Cyba Recordings/CYBA004
Source Direct/Instramental Yo Bitch/Pimp Star Demonic/DEMON12001
Dope Dragon Gridlocked EP Dope Dragon/DDRAG020
Ray Keith/Lemn D Dark Soldier Remixes EP Dread 31/DREAD31
A Sides Bustin Up Styles EP East Side/EAST36
Shy FX & T Power Shake Your Body/Remix Ebony/??
Shy FX Bambaata/Remix Ebony/EBR020
UK Apachi & Shy fx Nuttah VIP Ebony/EBR021
Sketch & Code Brainstorm/Other World Emotif/EMF2043
Slip Tyranny/Birds Fortress/FORT03
DJ Die Clear Skyz/Reminisce Full Cycle/FCY019
Roni Size Snapshot/26 Bass Full Cycle/FCY020
DJ Die Drop Bear/Poison Ivy Full Cycle/FCY021
Suv Parklands/Dark Angel Full Cycle/FCY024
DJ Die Jittabug/Running Out Full Cycle/FCY025
Suv/Reel Time Mine/Ripcurl Full Cycle/FCY026
Roni Size On Point/Breaks Full Cycle/FCY027
Suv Continuum/Alfombra Magica Full Cycle/FCY029
D Product Telemetry/Written Off Full Cycle/FCY030
Surge Working Out EP Full Cycle/FCY031
DJ Die SynthetiX EP Full Cycle/FCY032
Suv Lost Angel EP Full Cycle/FCY039
Suv Desert Rose EP Full Cycle/FCYEP05
Full Cycle Music Box LP Full Cycle/FCYLP01
Full Cycle Through the Eyes LP Full Cycle/FCYLP02
Full Cycle Through The Eyes 2 LP Full Cycle/FCYLP03
Digital Jah Session/Waterhouse Dub Function/CHANEL9603
Souljah Fade 2 Black Hardleaders/HL26
Total Science Facts Of Life/Lust Hardleaders/HL41
Capone vs. Pehsay I Need You/2 Da 1 Hardleaders/HL50
A Sides Big Request/Spread Love Hardleaders/HL53
Capone Japan/F-Down Hardleaders/HL58
High Contrast Make It Tonight/Mermaid Scar Hospital/NHS 037
High Contrast Return To Forever/So Confused Hospital/NHS 040
Hospital Plastic Surgery 2 LP Hospital/NHS30LP
Hospital Plastic Surgery 3 LP Hospital/NHS43LP
Future Cut The Specialist/Razor' Edge Infrared/INFRA012
Invaderz So Low/All About Love Invaderz Transmissions/INV005
Adam F & J Majik Metrosound Kaos/KAOS001
Future Cut Obsession/Tear Out My Heart Meatalheadz/METH040
Fierce, Optical & Dom Serum/New York Metro Recordings/MTRR005
Kosheen Hide U/Empty Skies Moksha/MOKSHA05T
Cleaveland Lounge Drowning in Her EP Moonshine/MM88471-1
Tech Itch/EZ Rollers/Omni TrioDeadline/Breakbeat Generation/Secret Life Moving Shadow/ASHADOW23S
Omni Trio Even Angels Cast Shadows LP Moving Shadow/ASHADOW26LP
Dom & Roland Killa Bullet/Dumbo Moving Shadow/Shadow135
Dom & Roland Can't Punish Me/Sky Spirits Moving Shadow/SHADOW144
The Baby Namboos Ancoats 2 Zambia (Remix) Palm Pictures/PP127018
The Pedge Glimmerman EP Penny Black/PBLR017
Digital & Spirit Phantom Force/Backlash Phantom Audio/PHUD001
Special Forces Something Else/Remix Photek/PPRO3VS
Ed Rush, Fierce & Optical Cutslo/Alien Girl Prototype/PRO014
Lemon D Bboyz Revenge/Why? R&S/RS21183
Lemon D Two Techniques R&S/RS99164
Ram Trilogy Chapter 2 Mind Overload/Innercity Ram/RAMM23
Ram Trilogy Chapter 3 EP Ram/RAMM24
Moving Fusion The Beginning EP Ram/RAMM25
Moving Fusion Atlantis EP Ram/RAMM27
Ram Trilogy Titan EP Ram/RAMM28
Ram Raiders Ram Rainders Part 3 Ram/RAMM32
Ram Trilogy Molten Beats LP Ram/RAMMLP3
Moving Fusion Living Like This/Need You Ratio/RATIO1203
M.I.S.T 9x9/Remix Reinforced/RIVET183
Renegade Hardware Armageddon LP Renegade Hardware/RH2000LP
Future Cut Bloodline EP Renegade Hardware/RH23
Usual Suspects Syndrome EP Renegade/RR27
Solid State Just A Vision/Remix/Life of Riley Renegade/RR28
Teebee Let Go/Deception Subtitles/SUBTITLES006
Slip Apocalypse/Doomsday Syrous/SYROUS001
Roni Size Reprazent Watching Windows Remixes Talking Loud/TLX37
Krust Decoded EP Talking Loud/TLX57
Roni Size Reprazent Who Told You/Out of the Game Talking Loud/TLX61
MJ Cole/M.I.S.T Hold On To Me/Bandalero Desperado/Sincere Talking Loud/TLX62
Roni Size Reprazent Dirty Beats/Satisfied Friends Talking Loud/TLX63
Tech Itch Parrallax EP Tech Itch/TI026
Dope Skillz Controlled Freak EP True Playaz/TPR12027
Pascal & Zinc The Directors Cut EP True Playaz/TPR12030
Zinc Reach Out/Remix True Playaz/TPR12039
True Playaz Playaz 4 Real LP True Playaz/TPRLP004
DJ Zinc/DJ Hype Casino Royale/Dead A's True Playaz/TRPLP004
DJ Zinc Present Tense EP True Playaz/TRPR12038
Ray Keith Something Out There VIP UFO/??
Ray Keith Something Out There EP UFO/UFO001EP
Krust/Roni Size Maintain/It's Jazzy V Recordings
Roni Size & DJ Die The Calling/It's a Jazz Thing V Recordings/V005
DJ Die Special Treat/Something Special V Recordings/V021
DJ Patife & DJ Marky The Brasil EP V Recordings/V033
V Recordings The Flava EP V Recordings/V034
Dillinja The Grimey EP V Recordings/V037
Planet V Planet V LP V Recordings/VELP02
Planet V Remixes Autumn/Closer V Recordings/VELP02RX1
Planet V Remixes Burning/Jazz Note/Warhead V Recordings/VELPRMX02
Dillinja Cybotron EP Valve/CYBX1
Lemon D/Dillinja D-type, That Amen Trk!/Organik Funk/Saved My Life Valve/VLV003
Capone Hometown EP Valve/VLV004
Slip/Dark Agenda Nail Gun/Boogie Nights Vinyl Syndicate/SYN005
Illfingas & Slide Another Sound/Tiptonic Vinyl Syndicate/SYN009
Shimon/Sniper & Mystical Boogie Night RMX/Electric Ghost Vinyl Syndicate/SYN010
Ed Rush & Optical Wormhole LP Virus/VRS001LP
Ed Rush & Optical Bacteria/Gas Mask Virus/VRS005
Ed Rush & Optical/EIB Twsited EP Virus/VRS006
Ed Rush & Optical Kerbkrawler/Capsule Virus/VRS008
Unknown U Don't Know 1&2 White
Digital Nation Album Sampler Flashback/Spacewalk White
Ruffneck Airlock White
??/DS-1 I Do/Wishing On A Star White
Ant Miles & Red One Bring It On/Musica White
J Majik Love Is Not a Game/Remix White
Uncut/Future Cut Midnight/Remix Wired/WIRED001
Breakbeat Era Ultra Obscene/Our Disease Tera XL/XLT107


i'm a wee bit torn because i have some records in there that i know i can sell for a bit on their own, and then there's some filler so i really don't know what to ask for. should i just sell the harder to find records individually or should i stick to selling the whole lot.

please help!
The only guy who's gonna buy the lot is Astroboy.
Nobody else is gonna want ot buy the filler to get the good rekkids I'm afraid. :\

Dibs on the Drum and Bass Classics if you split the lot ;)
Hey Girlie

If your gonna split it up please let me know, and depending on prices i may know someone who may want quit a few.

hey sauce. long time no see! i posted a thread in the buy and sell forum..check it out! lotsa goodies to be had!