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So is Soundcloud going bankrupt or not?

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That's a shame that they're going to fold. I know a ton of budding musicians that used it to help get the word out about their music. But, budding musicians can't really meet the business model that they have in place @ soundcloud.


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When I first joined it was excited to put up a profile and some jams in ableton. Get a bit of attention. Seems then it morphed into no one cared about each others music so much than spamming the record labels and top DJs.
Now that didn't work for most people they cancelled their pro accounts, and now it's basically a twitter service for DJs to embed random shit for free on message boards.

Makes sense it's come to that they didn't keep at least being creative with their business model.
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Shoot. I'm gonna miss it. I've had a pro account for 7 years now. It used to be great. I have a *lot* of misgivings about the changes to Soundcloud, and the mobile app is horrible, but I still love it more than I hate it. I slowly built up a decent following on there, and I get good traffic on my page - unlike Mixcloud, where one of my mixes gets about 5 plays in a year - lol.

but there's a lot of unacceptable things too - like the arbitrary takedowns. I know of one well known DJ with over 10,000 followers who had her pro account deleted on the third strike. Just copyright strikes from posting up her mixes. Bullshit.

Can anybody suggest any good alternatives (aside from Mixcloud) for uploading DJ sets?


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Yeah sucks. Rinse FM just got their account pulled. SC was my go to for listening back.
Loads of good content put out by Rinse.