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so is anyone watching degrassi right now?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Plato, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member


    welll at least they arent calling it "X"

  2. Lil'Timmy

    Lil'Timmy TRIBE Promoter


    Oh Ash, Oh Spinner, Oh blonde-bitchy-chick, what adventures will you get into next?


    haha yeah. i like how the pill was the size of a penny.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A, B, C, D, E
  5. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    21c is interesting :)

  6. Lil'Timmy

    Lil'Timmy TRIBE Promoter

    Ok, best quote evar.

    The raver kid telling the cop what the drugs are, observing a drug and asking

    "Can I please have this?"

    (shakes head) Jesus.
  7. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Otherwise it'd be too small for the camera


    omg i saw that. and he was the dirtiest fuck i've ever seen. he looked like he has been consuming bags of drugs.
  9. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    hthe cop had a good point about the pill testing kits not teasting to see if k is in the pill.
    does k work orally though??

    but i think everyone knows its an aneasthetic and used by vets, like come on!

  10. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    21c is so 1999. yawn.


    i thought that too. the guy was acting like he was letting out a big secret. did you know? its an anesthetic?! used by vets! umm...ya.
  12. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    yes, k works orally...

    check out dancesafe pill tests to see just how ineffective those testing kits are - they've got pills upwards of 70% ketamine, with a little mdma, that test as mdma with an ez test - that's almost doing more harm than good, by instilling false confidence.
  13. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    Ketamine DOES work orally, however, you need a pretty good dose (at least over 100mg, whereas most pills weigh 300mg total with binders and crap).

    Taste test can tell you if there is k in a pill ;)
  14. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    I want you to crush some imaginary numbers:

    Assume that 80% of pills on the street are pure mdma, and 20% are not.

    Assume that 80% of pills that are questioned are sent in to dancesafe, while only 20% of "good" pills are sent in.

    Calculate what percentage of pills on the dancesafe site would show up "bad" with those assumptions.

    Screw with those assumptions a bit, and you can see why looking on dancesafe will NOT give you a good idea of what is in pills.
  15. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    Just so you don't have to do the math:

    Out of 100 pills, 80 are good, 20 are bad.

    Out of the 20 bad, 80% are sent in: = 16

    Out of the 80 good, 20% are sent in: = 16

    So, it looks to you like 50% of pills are bad.

  16. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    i don't think dancesafe is at all an indication of what's out there - and i would never look to their pill analysis to tell me what's in a pill (copycat pills anyone?)

    i was just making the point of how misleading home testing kits can be, based on their lab analyses.
  17. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

    at least it provided me with an hour's worth of amusement.
  18. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    degrassi sucked.

    21c was okay. still had the (expected) FUD from the cops. feisty boy mentioned copycat pills, which is something i wanted to shout at the TV when the cop was testing his pill as a demo. he was saying "...it's turning purple-black, which is an indicator of MDMA, but i had these same pills tested last summer and they came back XX% ketamine." that was so long ago, they most likely aren't the same batch (#include <disclaimer.h> -- the show could have been taped months ago too), so how can you be sure?

    anyway, in a forum like this we're bound to draw similar conclusions. but i think for the average joe, the show presented a fairly balanced outlook, which was most pleasing for a prime-time news magazine on national television.

    at least they didn't say that all pills have heroin in them. ;)
  19. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    On the first page of dancesafe, I count 20 out of 25 pills with MDMA or MDA... all of them tested "properly" by turning purple black with the test kit.

    The five pills that weren't didn't change colour, or changed a strange colour.
  20. vox

    vox TRIBE Member

    Degrassi has had problems getting the size of drugs right before. i remember that old episode in which the guy takes a hit of acid before heading into a concert (and consequently off a bridge). This hit was like the size of five or six blotters put together. I saw the episode later on as a re-run and laughed my ass off.
  21. Hal-9000

    Hal-9000 TRIBE Member

    ^^oops, that was me.

    cookies > hal-9000
  22. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member


    did anyone go on the C21 chat? i just got kicked out a few minutes ago. booooo!!!

    topics i discussed and brought to their forum:

    proper pronunciation of nutella
    licking the user e-tarded
    caffeine addiction vs liking the taste of coffee
    gino trance heads who try to pick me up at clubs and humping a friend
    prom 2001
    reading drug lit for school and shooting heroin druing a seminar presentation
    licking the user darknemesis
    showers on e
    selling my body to japanese business men for crack
    a comparison between drug addiction and prada shoe shopping addiction
    fat pepsi drinkers
    what people were wearing
    the cost of a pill in your area

    p[l]a+0 <---i rock :D
  23. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    Yellow Butterfly
    8.0 x 4.0
    Houston, TX
    July, 2001
    MDMA (11.8%)
    Ketamine (58.8%)
    Unidentified Compound (29.4%)
    typical (black/purple)

    i don't mean to extend this discussion too far - i do see your point. most pills are clean, or cut with harmless fillers etc. and hell, that much ketamine taken orally is only a threshold dose for an average person.

    but it is kind of alarming to see a test like that, when you think about he attitude of a lot of drug users out there... we all know it only takes one idiot to pop 5 pills and cause a media uproar.

    ah well... i digress :)
  24. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    I understand your point too... a positive test doesn't necessarily mean that much... however, a definitely negative one can be very helpful...

    People need to learn what different things taste like ;) And when not sure of what is in a pill, take only ONE OR LESS, and wait at least 2 hours before deciding what's in it...

    244 mg pill will have about 100mg binders/lubricants/glidants/disintegrants

    So, 58% of 144 = ~83mg ketamine...

    Guy takes 5 pills.... gets 400mg ketamine... meh, probably shouldn't drive for a couple of hours ;)

    LD50 of ketamine orally is frikkin' high... you'd have to eat 100 of those pills to be in a serious situation...
  25. tella

    tella TRIBE Member


    i'm glad i'm not the only one who concerns herself over issues involving nutella. :eek:

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