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So I ended up at the sketchy bar again


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My (previous) roommate was arrested for uttering death threats, and burning down my house, and cutting my throat, etc. This is a normal thing here, but it was the second time.

A friend of mine came over who's now banging my sister, and I know he's dirty, but I can't say anything, cause it's my sister.

So I prepared some scallops and put on a smile but internally I was thinking "Please Jesus just give me another beer."

So anyway the previous roommate was arrested and it so happened that the new roommate showed up at the same time. Costed me about $80 in cleaning bills but that wasn't the main problem.

So I ate one scallop, more like an appetizer. Then I decided that I can't stand the company so I told them we are all going to the bar.

So, there I took them and pumped them full of alcohol. My main objective was to get myself so drunk that I don't mind living in this circus. That had unintended results. Especially the cab ride home.

Today, everyone is sober except me. And I run the place. And a Russian is just getting off the plane looking for me, and we're gonna have "drinks".

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The Done Right Inn? That's just a friendly neighbourhood joint and it's across from Trinity Bellwoods FFS. That's far from a true DIVE bar.

You want a dive bar in Toronto? Check out the Sun Fa, Ice Princess or if you're in the east part of downtown, Mounties.
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I think that they accept Canadian Tire money and let you order food to the joint is just a fun gimmick. And it works! It's a fun little water hole, but true dive bars are characterized by dirt and desperation.


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ugh. quite the crowd there!

The odd thing about that place is it used to be classy in between the period it was the American Hotel and Capers...

It used to be called Club XTC and I held a brief DJ residency there. Jeff may have been familiar with that place back then. It was a step up from the American, but not by much. After that, it was transformed into Cocktails; of which I also held a Wednesday night residency that I co-threw called 'Fuse'. The owner was a jackass. He spent some money on it sprucing it up but didn't care too much for paying his staff. After that, it became something else entirely (the name escapes me) and maintained the same decor as Cocktails. Now it's full of the world's finest people who come in as soon as their welfare and/or other benefits cheques do.
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