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So how was Baby Hec?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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got to system at about 2 to hear eddie amador playing some nice deep house tracks, nothing too speacial though. my second time hearing him play i have come to the realization that i prefer him as a dj. but i was there too see baby hec and he did not disappoint. nice set that went from deep to a little harder abd back. some vocals and more progressive sounding beats added a little variety. a solid set that was not relentless but kept me dancing and plenty of smiles on people`s faces. (i`m not being overly generous with details, but after zoning all day sunday my brain is slightly mushy)

the people were great as usual, michael drury in the back room seemed to attract the people with the most vibes as well. the back room was closed (i think for renovations) and the club was full but not packed so that you couldn`t dance.

only disappointment was that there was no encore- one of these days i will not close the club down, but shout outs to all the people thatimmediately knew that after partying there`s `no place like zone.