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So after I am finished watching Kenny Glasgow spin last night


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This is somewhat of a bitch thread, it really has nothing to do with the forum, but I think (hope) at least a few of you can relate to the situation.

After having a fantastic night at the Mercury Lounge last night in London (Kenny Glasgow and Matt C spun... I think it was Matt C) and go to meet up with my room mate at his small breaks gathering, and I am casually informed that, while both of us were out and about for a night of fun:

Someone broke into our appartment and took:
- All our vinyl, which amounts to 2 trance records, 10 or so house tracks, 10-15 or so techno tracks and a large amount of breaks.
- Our freshly paid off tech 12's and that wacky mixer
- My new computer, worth about $1500

We figure it was someone that we know, because of the method of entry, and because of what was taken (no stereo equipment, videogames etc was taken) and a few other things here and there about who didn't show up last night.

-=Nub=- :(

Sorry about it not actually being techno based... in other news I was starting not to trainwreck my mixes.
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Destro Sanchez

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My brother who lives in London just got robbed on Monday!!!

They took his roomates turntables, dvd players, EVEN HIS FROZEN FOOD!!!


good luck with that and check all pawn shops today!!



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Ya man.. I feel for ya;

I've got a security system, and a 55lbs pit to take care of my shit.


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that's terrible..

i really hope that you can get your stuff back..
be vigilant.. especially if you think you know who did it!!


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My neighbours were broken into last fall and they think that it was the 'hill-billies' across the street. It's fucked up how it's usually people that you know or live next to you. Anyways, my girlfriend and I are taking out some insurance on our place next week. I'm not taking ANY chances. I've got to much shit to lose.



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those fuckers... i hope you find out who did it and have them put in jail or at least have them castrated.
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Oh man, Mike I don't know what to say!:( That really sucks...
We were looking for you b4 we headed back to Mercury but couldn't find you. Who's your roommate? I wish there is something I could do!