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Snug/Neksis Christmas party


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Who else went?

I had a wonderful time despite the overcrowdedness and lack of bathroom...

It's actually kind of fun having to pee outside, even with the low temperatures and several potential audiences.

The music was great. I never knew Marcus plays UK G. The sound wasn't so great. The bass in the speaker we were next to kept cutting out and in.

The vibe in general was friendly and outgoing.

Thanks Ali for the tics and everyone else, Shannie, Dan, Darren, etc...



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We came, we got drunk, we danced, we peed in front of many people beside the building.... it was very interesting
and very very fun!!

Marcus is my hero!

thanx Allie for the tickets
I'm glad I didn't leave after finding out the bathroom was "out here?"


Marcia, I love partying with you (2 revs and you had to sit down.. lol)
and Dan, stop grabbin our asses!


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Well, I had a good time (although the night is kinda blurred for me). THis party was round II of a massive drinking binge I had this weekend...I think good times were had by all.

The venue was the Snug warehouse (where the sale was this summer). As mentioned, it was packed to the nines. Lots of people, but everyone was friendly and beers were super cheap ($2 each)...this explains my blurred state. Pissing in the alley didn't bother me at all, but that's the great thing about being a guy....not having to squat

Anyway, the music was good, Marcus threw down a great, but different (UK garage) set. Don't remember the other DJ's sets, but the tunes were good all around.

Great to have the whole crew out again, particulary my bro...hadn't partied with him since Grooverider @ Life.

Good times!

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Sugar D

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drunk times...

Cool party and a great way to celebrate my b-day.

Lots of faces I haven't seen for a while..
I even bumped into the lead singer of Sum 41!

graet times but I was hurtin' yesterday!

Klubmasta Will

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a bunch of us were at the stretch&hooker party one floor above.

a few of us dropped by the snug/neksis party but didn't see anyone we recognized. glad everyone had a good time.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by escape_the_nightclub:
is marcus the only person that spun?? or the only one that spun a good set and worth mentioning??</font>
Only DJ I remember....but, all the sets I heard were good.
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it was alright
ran into dan, but missed shannon and marcia

i was upstairs for most of it
just wondering if anyone knows who spun the rockin the casbah mix upstairs???
no vocals, just the music...was that even the track?
it's been driving me a bit nuts
was it tim patrick?


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i know that Marcus was playing when I got there, someone after was playing old dusty funk tracks and after a while Andrew Allsgood was playing sort of funk/breaks/rare groove/housy stuff and then later Sennes (Chris i think) threw down some drum and bass.
There were only a few dozen people left at that point, but they were going nuts to the dandb.

that's what I know. Great to have two parties in one (and even more from what I heard). I made it up to Steve and Wayne (stretch and hooker)'s party as well. good people in both parties.

dave of promise.


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( not to hijack the reviews of the Snug party but ...)

Will, it was nice to yourself and the crew
make it out to our annual Xmas bash !

-Starr - that was Stretch&Hooker , and yes it is a bootleg remix I grabbed it at the music conference. ( check out our promo only diRty hOuse vol. 1 CD it is on there as well )

Dave sorry I missed you, glad you enjoyed yourself.

It was great seeing the guys from SUM 41 & Trebel Charger groovin' alongside Suke and the gang !!

Merry Xmas everyone !!!

Putttin' tha Punk back in da Funk,


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by stretchandhooker:
It was great seeing the guys from SUM 41 & Trebel Charger groovin' alongside Suke and the gang !!
how did i miss this...ah well i was all over the place that night
nice track boys, i'll make sure to pick up the cd.

and yeah, sorry to hijack the thread marcia
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