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Snug Boat Cruise - Last Sail of the Summer


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Absolutely amazing!
Sweet tunes, great crowd, and refreshing lake breeze...what more could you ask for?
I didn't even care that Zinc wasn't there, our locals more than made up for it. Sniper started off the cruise with the best set of the night in my opinion. He showed his diversity by playing a laidback, soulful set. Nice.
Slip and Slide's set was too dark for that early in the night. Didn't do much for me.
Lush's set was great. Perfect mix of tunes that got the crowd movin'. The man never plays a bad set.
Mystical and Marcus B2B is always a treat. Another great set.

Highlight of the night had to be when we moved into rougher water at the peak of the party. The whole boat was getting tossed back and forth...and everyone went nuts on the dancefloor!! It was so much fun trying to dance when the floor's moving beneath your feet.
The cruise was such a relaxing experience. Gave me time to chill, sip on a drink, socialize, and reflect.
What a perfect way to end to the summer.

DJ Doublecross

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Captain: "Above all else, please keep both feet on the floor at all times. Do not lean over the guard rail because if you fall into the drink in these conditions, you WILL DIE!"

Hahaha... what a great cruise.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Stormshadow:

The cruise was such a relaxing experience. Gave me time to chill, sip on a drink, socialize, and reflect.
What a perfect way to end to the summer.

my thoughts exactly.


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Had a great time. Both floors had amazing beatz. Fave set was from Lush. Respect to all deejays and emcees.
Was it the water gettin rough or us dancin too much that was causin the boat to rock??

great way to end the summer!


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ok, better late than never, but i had a great time at this cruise as well .... Stormshadow is right, the best was when the boat was rocking ... and it got the dancefloor rocking too! so much fun doing the drunken stumble/dance when the boat is given you a hand!

just like most other people on the cruise, i managed to drag myself out of bed just in time to make the boat, and then stumbled into bed in a drunken state not much after the boat cruise finished ... so of my day, approx 90% of it was spent completely intoxicated. fantastic

and i got to chill with some great people on the cruise too ... can't ask for much more.

although zinc would have been nice


The Peej

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Officially Boat Cruise de-virginized... feels great to be part of the millions!

Big ups to Matt George and the Burlington crew for makin' this one!! Goodyear, Stevens, Rosniak, Steve, And all the rest!!
Thanks guys can't wait to do it again!