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Snowboarding Rules!!!!


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well i just got back from snowboarding for the 1st time ever in my life, and its totally awsome!!! i loved every part of it, even falling face first in the snow ;-)

i signed up for a course way back when the snowboarding show was in toronto, i also bought a board then and have been eagerly awaiting this time to come, but its finally come and im so glad i decied it was time for a challenge because skiing just totally sucks now

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not for me. i just got back from the same experience and can't move my body.
My first day was about 6 years ago or os...
I got a black eye and extremely bruised Hip the first time out.

A week later I bought a used Santa Cruz 159 Old Skool board...

Went a bunch that year... got used to it.

Bought my Jamie Lynn 153 Large Wide the next year, absolutely love my board and boarding.

Bought a pass the next year... and ever since that year, went on/off a few times ...

This is the year I wanna get a lot more days in...

Snowboarding is so wicked, it's really great to be one of the first down the slopes in the morning, carving through new powder...

Well i enjoyed it so much last night i went back again today! wow what a rush, i can actually make it down the hill without falling now :) (but thats still the kiddie hill)

...ill be up on the big hills next week, so watch out for flying ravers
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