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Snowboarding and maintenance


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I just realised last night that I know at least 5 people that have been snowboarding for the past 4-5 years and they have NEVER waxed their board, nor performed other maintenance on their board.

WTF? How many people on Tribe haven't waxed their boards yet?
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I'm Still riding on my 6 year old origional wax. I never get around to waxing it. I have the deepest gashes on the bottom but i can't really tell the difference in performance unless i'm boarding through slush.

I really have to sharpen my edges though. that's a more noticable problem for my board right now.

The Tesseract

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I've waxed my board 2x since i bought it.
Of course, i've only gone out 6times with it, cause i rarely get the chance to go.

Like Access, I have to sharpen the edges as well

I used to work in a Ski/Board tech shop, so i know how to do that shit. I just hate getting high on the fumes.

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since I am not able to make it to Blue today - I am taking my board in for a tuning.

sharp edges are a must, that I know, makes a diff when riding here in ontario.

Usually wax before each season start.

You should ALWAYS check your bindings; stripped screws are a b!tch
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i wax mine at least once every 2 weeks. i like going fast.

i like my edges a bit de-tuned, so i don't usually bother with that shit, unless it's super icy.


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I try and wax my board once a week or so...
it rarely happens tho! hahaha

come spring, it will be after every time I ride...

I HATE sharpening my edges so I definitely dont do that often enough!


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its not SUPER necessary here when there is snow but at shitty times like this, it makes carving a hell of a lot easier...
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i usually wax and sharpen it before the season, haven't done it this year yet though, will do it this week.