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[[...snowboarding 2007/2008...]]


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SmoothOperator said:

Yeah good times, I was there in early April and enjoyed even in less than perfect conditions. Fat steep bowls were the best part for me, it's a little too much skiier oriented but you can't beat the panorama's from the peak, especially on a clear day...Norm isn't exaggerating re: the drive up from Invermere, take it sloooow

A mid season return is high on the priority list

Subsonic Chronic

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that 420 guy said:
if you're thinking of making a trip out west, i'd suggest kicking horse over panorama. there may not be as much to do in golden once the hill closes, but the terrain and snow at kicking horse is better than panorama, imo.

I've heard SO MUCH good stuff about Kicking Horse. If I go anywhere else this winter to board, it'll be Golden for sure.


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Anyone going to the Ski and Snowboard show? Got some stuff Thursday, some ok deals, mostly last years stuff, going back Sunday.

If any skiiers are interested, rumour has it Pep Fujas will be signing autographs today and tomorrow.

Jeremy Jive

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catilyst said:
Anyone going to the Ski and Snowboard show? Got some stuff Thursday, some ok deals, mostly last years stuff, going back Sunday.

If any skiiers are interested, rumour has it Pep Fujas will be signing autographs today and tomorrow.
I went thursday, wasn't really thoroughly impressed but really I wasn't there for much. Managed to grab the helmet I had been looking for and at half price. Couldn't find the Burton Ak pants I wanted but I knew it was a long shot.
Got my 5x7 and was out of there just after 4.

Highlight of the event was standing in one booth and this asian guy was talking to one of the staff. Asking if the board he was holding was the top of the line board and if there was anything better. The guy answered that it was sort of relative. Best board for what? the shopper had no idea and indicated that he didn't care, he just wanted whatever was the best board. He had never ridden before but insisted he had to have the best board on the market. At the time he was holding a Burton T6 for $350. I was really tempted to man-slap him, take the board and his gf and go home. He ended up buying it only because they didn't have a Burton Vapor in the booth.

Next year I'll be in the market for a new board and bindings so they show will be much more exciting. Saw some pretty good deals but couldn't imagine much would be left after a few hours.
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Went on Thursday as well (good to see ya Jer!) I picked up a pair of last years Special Blend Annex pants for half price, these things are sick! My girl bought a volcom vest for half price (also last years), and an 08 Burton jacket... She paid just over cost for the Burton jacket so overall, good deals to be had.

Basketballjones... you can get crazy deals on last years gear. I imagine there will still be lots of boots left for sunday. That's the one item there's always an abundance of.


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^thanx a lot, i will go tomorrow and get some new kicks, i got bumrushed last time, i bought some boots that said size 10.5 on the box, but were 12...i couldnt control shit


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got my season's pass as a birthday gift, so i am going to ride my snowboard more than once this season. woop woop!
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I had a free pass to the show but didn't go. Good to see I didn't miss much especially since I didn't need to buy anything -kinda why I stayed away. That being said, this cold-ish weather is shitty foreplay. Bring on the snow!
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Jeremy Jive

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SmoothOperator said:
Ima gear up at home soon and strap in. Butters on the rug are in order!
I did that the other day when I was bored. It only made it worse. I might buy a massive freezer and start storing some fake snow to get me through the summers.


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I watched the movie Lines last night and it's really good. It's a documentary style movie about filming in AK. Good interviews, some sweet footage from the 80's and 90's and a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes to make all these movies that we love. A must see for anyone into big mountain riding on skis or a snowboard. It's partly produced by Absinthe films.


my copy of Optimistic arrived on Monday as well and it's such a sick movie. These two movies go well as a pair.
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that 420 guy

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finally got around to watching both mack dawg films, we're people too and picture this. picture this is the big budget production, and you can tell. the riding in both movies is great, par for the course with every other dvd, but the production quality of picture this is incredible. filmed completely in hd, it is visual eye candy that is sure to get you excited for the season. mack dawg has taken some risks with new filming techniques in picture this, and it paid off. the result is a beautifully shot movie that successfully embraces the pure exhilaration of snowboarding. there's a reason why its the number one sellin' dvd so far this season, and its showing no signs of slowin down. buy this movie. you won't be disappointed.

praying for snow in the 2008 burton idiom 3L jacket.


dope jacket. super tech. way overpriced (about the same price as a burton custom x). but fun to play dress up in.

for those of you that give a shit, here are the biggest selling brands last season according to snowboard trade news.

1. burton
2. rome
3. lib tech
4. ride
5. gnu
6. k2
7. never summer
8. forum
9. capita

1. burton
2. thirty two
3. dc
4. salomon
5. vans
6. k2
7. ride

1. burton
2. rome
3. ride
4. flow
5. k2
6. technine
7. union
8. flux
9. salomon

1. burton
2. volcom
3. 686
4. holden
5. sessions
6. special blend
7. grenade

1. oakley
2. smith
3. anon
4. electric
5. dragon
6. spy
7. von zipper

1. burton
2. grenade
3. dakine
4. rome
5. celtek

1. red
2. giro
3. protec
4. bern
5. smith

1. follow me around (mack dawg)
2. more (absinthe)
3. that (forum)
4. draw the line (standard films)
5. escramble (volcom)
6. people (mack dawg)
7. bike car

just like last year, burton is already murdering the competition. there really is no catching up to them...ever!





lake louise, sunshine village, and canada olympic park open their lifts nov.7. i can't wait for opening weekend. only three weeks left.

~*...pray for snow...*~


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--[Zirca]-- said:
Wow, that really surprises me. I thought Never Summer was that well known/popular. They make great, bomb proof boards.
NeverSummer is a prominant brand in the southern states. It's a california thing I think.
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