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Snowboard - Libtech Travis Rice 157


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I'm selling a 157 Libtech "Travis Rice" snowboard. If you've heard of Travis Rice, then you know what this board's about.
It also has Magnetraction, which enables it to carve effortlessly into ice (which is good for Ontario's conditions). I rode this for a couple seasons and it's well used, but has a ton of life left in it.

Base is near flawless, and the topsheet has regular wear and tear from usage. Again, this board isn't even half way through it's life span.

Also included are Ride Alpha MVMT bindings (small. Fits sizes 6-10). These were the top-of-the-line Ride bindings when I bought them, and come with super cush straps and gel-webbed toe caps. These are SUPER light!

Asking $300 for the complete setup (it cost me well over a grand new), and it's freshly tuned and waxed. You'll have to pick it up in Little Italy (College & Bathurst area).