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Well.... this was a damn good party. Tropicana looked great, the security was sooo nice, and the vibe overall was incredible....

I was completely captivated by Jason Marshall's set, as always. He was playing a good mix of older and newer tracks and his mixing was impeccable.... DAMN....
And I almost died when Prophecy played my favorite song, Dido.... always good to hear it at a party... tears were shed on my part...
Unabomber FUKKIN blew me away as well. Does this guy ever stop? He has soooo much energy. Shit I got tired watching him dance around, bobbing his head... dropping track after track that left the crowd completely going, dancing their asses off....

Deffinitely a good time...
Great people, great music, wikkid vibe...


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Great Nite, with awesome people.
Jason Marshall was amazing, he had a fabulous set that I couldn't stop movin' to.
However, I found Dr.Trance to be a little much by the end of his set. It just seemed like he was all over the place with the styles of music he was playing....
Overall, a kick ass nite!


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LiVe techno set was hype (considering im not a big fan of techno, i could appreceate this set.) I Beleive the name of the group was Hybernate? but dont quote me on that.

ERm, then Dr. T umm.. this guy is scary, and skilled all at the same time. He threw down some nirvana riff over trance.. it was neat. LOL

Erm, jason marshall was next i think? Good Set.. didnt really strike a chord wiff me. >meh<

Prophecy.... ill be shure to bring a pillow next time this guy is playing at a party.... NOTHING SPECIAL!!! HEEEELLLLLOOOOOOO?! >smacks upside the head<

Unibomber was hype as shit... This man always blows shit up... hasnt let me down EVER... Gotta love this guy's energy and track selection... KiKKiN Set!

Party things:

this was the first and only party where a bigfat security dude bumped into me as he was walking by and actually said 'sorry'~!!!! i couldnt beleive it.. i was like 'hey no problem dude' LOL!

Stashed my hoddie on the 2nd floor area... only to come down later to cheq on it and find out they'd locked and closed up that floor... t'was a cold cold morning.

AWSOME FRIENDS... You people are loads of fun to party with!

Basic, Bigup to the hospitality for providing a sketchhouse brotha! MILPOO|___ _

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I had a whole big thing written up about this party. But someone once said to me, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all.

But I will say these few points.

-took me 40 mins to get in, cause of some organization problems

-security were such assholes

-wasted 45 mins of my live in there

-had to be one of 'THE WOREST' party I've been to



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Originally posted by KiFe:

Basic, Bigup to the hospitality for providing a sketchhouse brotha! MILPOO|___ _

yah, thanks sweetie for letting us crash all on your bed... you gimp

Thanks Kevin


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Originally posted by KiFe:
Basic, Bigup to the hospitality for providing a sketchhouse brotha!
MILPOO|___ _

K. I'm adding to things already said....but yeah thanx a lot Kevin! You're awesome! Just don't ask me to open any more cans of lemonaid....



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Well I only have one hand to type with, which is really annoying, so I'm goin to keep this short...Overall I had a wicked night...due to the large amount of trance, it ended up being more of a social night than anything... luckily, alot of people I hadnt seen in a long time were there, and I also got to meet lots of new people! The night ended up w/ four people sleeping in my small room - I love doing shit like that, its so fun
Im almost out of that pitcher of lemonaid tho Lori - I guess Kife can make me a new batch when he comes to get his hat!

im out
-the tbk gimp
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What an amazing night!
It began sometime earlier up north in Aurora as I was attending my older brothers badminton potluck/gift exchange team dinner.. Mmm potluck...

After consuming a fair number of alcoholic beverages and eating some stellar cuisine I was off to yet another party downtown to continue this epic journey of feasting and drinking. (It seems i've been sucked into the festive season!)

Upon arriving I entered the main room and realized I knew no one who actually was at this party but in any case my concerns were thankfully put aside momentarily as my brother poored yet again more merry beverage for consuption. By the time we left for the Tropicana I was to say the least quite merry.

When I finally did arrive at the Party around 2:00 am it was a pretty sad state of affairs on my behalf let me tell you!! None the less I regained my second wind around 4:20am and was mingling and dancing with the countless EPIC people who attend that night.

I managed to listen to most of the sets while I was there and was not disapointed by the quality of tracks from most of the Dj's though Dr. Trance has gone a bit mainstream which is fine as long as I don't see him on Much Music for awhile.
Jason Marshall, Prophecy, OS/2 and Unabomber were all wicked sets!

You better believe i'll be making it out for their next event

Purple Heaven = EPIC!

Drink and be merry for tommorow we may die.