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Snow Storm Approaching


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This Evening
Cloudy with light snow Cloudy with light snow
Temperature -1 °C
Wind Chill -5
Wind 10 km/h S
P.O.P. 80%
Rel. Humidity 70%
Snow 1-3 cm

Temperature -1 °C
Wind Chill -6
Wind 15 km/h S
P.O.P. 100%
Rel. Humidity 88%
Snow close to 1 cm

Not much for T.O.
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I was at the gym for a couple of hours and when I came out my car was covered!!! hehe...not used to actually brishing it off cuz I have an underground parking spot at home!!!!


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I am in London, it's coming down like crazy. When I was brushing the snow off my car, I did the back first, by the time I finished the front the back was covered with snow again.

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I left Waterloo for Toronto at 8pm and it was a pretty stressful drive with the snow and wet salt.
Hit the 'twilight zone' (by James Snow Parkway), and then virtually nothing.
By the time I hit Toronto, the pavement was dry.


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it is when it is spraying from an 18 wheeler and you can't see a thing trying to pass them.
Hate it when the salt screws up your line of vision.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Kid_Korrupt:
Yay! It's going to be fun walking home drunk from phils. I hope I don't fall into a snow bank or anything
ahahaha....that reminds me of me & my friends last night...trying to walk home from waterloo park drunk out of our minds....what normaly takes 45 mins to walk took close to 4 hours and i have huge bruises on my legs from falling so much...

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Well ...

With all of these threads about cocaine around here, I figured I would probably check this one out just in case. ;)
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