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Not much in this forum ever.

Dear Lori,

We need to hang out before I head off the continent for 6 months starting in June.

Love and Skittles,

Marian G



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Wake up!

I'm in Van city on Monday for a month. We have a place in Yaletown. Looking to party largecore...suggestions? Also Sushi...going to try and hit up Lime, Octopus' Garden for high end and Okada & Aoki Sushi for cheaper but good...any other good places downtown on the cheap for daily feasts? There will likely be afterparties at our condo everynight, everyone is invited to the pants party!
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Dave, Granville Island sells kegs. 30L - $120 + deposit. 50L = $184 + deposit/

Open 7 days a week 10am-8pm.

(you still pay over $1.20/beer, welcome to vancouver)


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Thats not toooo bad....plus we can tell chicks to come over, cause we have a keg! Thanks Matt! I've been on tv like 3 or 4 times this week.


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Did you go? I have been once, and I enjoyed the music, just not sure If I would go back. $40 is pricey for sure. Fuck why does Vancouver have to suck for nightlife?