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SNL is A&E's Biography


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Tonight is a special 2-hour Biography on Saturday Night Live. I read an article about it and they must be the hardest-working people on TV. I can't even imagine the stress...true talents, they are. It's at 9 PM.

(and I'm pretty sure no sick photos of Chris Farley will be featured)
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DJ Red Lion

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Wow I'd love to watch this ............ I'm a long time follower of SNL. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you see it, I will be watching THE Bachelor til 10 anyway. Not exactly my choice but I can't hog the controller all te time, especially when hot chicks are fighting over a rich guy.

terrawrist III

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is this on later~!?

the best thing they should work hard to keep going is "astronaut jones" w/tracey morgan, who is really filling in the void left by chris rock!

"rocket...i'm on a rocket, Ive got my suitcase!"
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