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*Sneak's Bassment Beats*


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Enter the SteamWhistle Brewery and you will see why this is probably one of the best venues for a party in Toronto. Arrived at 10:30 to a nice chillin crowd with a sense of anticipation in the air. Enter the Basement Jaxx who had a few technical difficultie at the start... soon took control of the crowd.
The deep dirty beats where the driving force that created such an awesome vibe. Definitely one of the best parties in awhile. Especially music wise. The music realy hit hard and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Well I need to finish my Burger King! That's that and my hats off to ALL WORLD for another great party at the Steam Whistle.


ChROMaToOooooooooooose ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Smiley Jo

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Yet another succesful night at the Steamwhistle! Yet another review I have to write from work on barely any sleep...
I have yet to be dissapointed by one of Sneak's parties there! Lots of room and great sound, especially that killer bass! I didn't know what to expect from the Jaxx, but I was really impressed. It was that ass shakin', bumpin' house with some evil basslines. Does anyone know what the track was they started with?
It was a great turnout for a Thursday night, I hope Sneak keeps throwing these parties, it's always guaranteed good times, familiar faces, a wee bit of drunken silliness, and damn good house music.
Now someone at this office must have some Tylenol...



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I can only assume that a majority of the
tracks that they played were their's because when I saw them at Industry that's what they
played most of the nite. Tracks from their latest album. Best programming I have heard
in a long, long time.

Hall & Oates rmx - I can't go for that(eeeeasy)

(the track after this was the best of the nite. I could'nt hear the vocals so I don't have any idea what the name of the track was.)
Stevie Wonder(rmx by ???) - All I do <-----Danny Tenaglia stylz. Crazy
Public Enemy - (??? can't remember) Great breakbeat rmx.

Steamwhistle Brewery is the best venue in the city, with it's high ceilings and sweet layout. I've been to 3 of Sneaks 4 parties and had a wikked time every time I've gone.

Thanx Sneak!



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I went into Steamwhistle for the first time last night, not knowing what to expect at all. First thing that greeted me were two girls selling their tickets, as Jaxx were supposedly only playing for an hour (misinformation). Got in, checked all the wasted people at the bar (how can dirty house music in a brewery NOT be conducive to imbibing a wee bit?) and eagerly hit the floor.

Fuk. That is one of the best spaces I have ever partied in. WINDOWS!! NO STROBES!! NO FUGGING SMOKE MACHINES!! Classy light show, good setup, easy access to everything. Really reminded me of wicked warehouse parties from the late '80s, only not as dingy. I was thoroughly (excuse me while I stop typing and groove to "Digital Love" for a second, love this track..) excited by the sound system, too. I actually like the big reverb aspect of that room a lot, a nice change from the pain I usually feel after coming out of Turbo.

Basement Jaxx blew my expectations away, TOTALLY. Big nasty dirty bastard beats, and when they dropped Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" remix, I almost shit my pants. Genius.
Best set surprise I've heard in a loooong time. Jaxx rocked, plain and simple.

Good crowd, for a Thursday night, although it got sparse REALLY early. Have to say most people looked completely wasted, but having fun.

Never caught Sneak before, and after Jaxx, was a little skeptical about what he could do for me. Fool. After warming it up for a bit, he proceeded to rock a few electro tinged beats, threw in a bit of garage, and a lot of face crunching 4 on the floor nastiness. Finished up at 4(so early? must be somthing to do with the brewery being a workplace.)with "Digital Love" from the new Daft release, which he wrote the lyrics to. Love it, love it, big cheesy smile on my face.

Crowd (stragglers) asked, pleaded for one more, but Skunky would have none.

Good night. Nothing bad to say about this party, at all. Eagerly awaiting the next Sneakwhistle production.


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That was an amazing party, thanks Sneak. Jaxx were incredible, didn't disappoint. Only got 2 hours sleep before work but it was another party well worth it. I just loved the music last night, it kept me movin all night long. Gotta rest now and head out again tonight. Peace to all.



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(half in the bag mental report card filed @11:30

(best out of 5 stars)

space = * * * *
really interesting layout, promising even. the bar was easily accessible and for a brewery that is a good thing but variety in the way of suds would be have been a good thing mind you the 2fitty/glass was bang on!
auxiliary stage was large flanked by outside windows and those inside to the brewery and a vast array of silver soldier vats. the main area with it's towering ceilings was flanked by a view into the brewery on one side, while the other side the glass windows stared out into the light of the city skyline. the sound was comfortably loud in both areas. so in considering there was a whole lot of metal and glass to account for, that was a victory on overcoming the obstacles at hand.
good facility's no de-humanizing washroom adventures. lazers baby lazers!!! and by the by what's with the lack of epileptic educing strobe lights? how the is hell's my ass gonna keep the tempo? that shit might work for element but c'mon!

talent* * *
walked in on a bit of sneak's set which was the funky flavour. the part i caught sounded pretty tight. he usually keeps to his style and when he's most comfortable you can count on him to entertain.

(full in the bag mental report filed @ somewhere approaching 1)

basement jaxx* * .
i just couldn't get into the set. i was primed, lighten sticks a plenty while chasin them with 5%. there were sporadic points where they would draw you in but just as soon enough push your attention away. the stevie wonder vs. the cheese of hall and oats is case in point. the originality of there studio work seemed to be bumped aside by some need to mix a whole bunch of shit together. sometimes you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.
as far as the rest of the locals Myka et all,
i heard some strong stuff while fillin me belly with alcohol by the bar from the side stage, kudos to whoever was throwing them down.

atmosphere aka vibe. it was a thursday...nuff said. propps to those who did showed up energized though. *shakes head*
i don't know how you do it.



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Skins were everywhere.
The beats were fat.
The venue was hype.
That was the WORST beer I ever had. Disgusting!!!.

50% ravin' --------------------> Suke.