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sneak's b-day party



I was supposed to go, but couldn't make it.
so how was it?


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I so want to know how it went, but I so don't because I didn't go.. bastards!

I think it's telling that the time is 10:30 and nobody's responded, probably all sleeping because everybody left at 6am, and not a second earlier.


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got there early to wait in line for tickets, good thing i did. it got HUGE quick and many people were cutting in and the peopel at the back were getting mighty ticked. nice gouging at the doors... 35 bucks!!!!!!! that place (ie the main room) has a nice feel to it, perhaps it's the warehousenessity but fuck the ventilation is bad bad bad! so damn hot n sweaty. the music was aight but i was too drunk to really give a crap what was going down. i just shook my thang for a bit till the heat got to be too much. sneak looked like he was enjoying himself though
all in all it was ok but somebody told me it wasn't as good as last years. perhaps i was too hyped or someother reason i didn't have the bombest diggity time.


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it was a really good night. the main room so damn hot, and the sound was shit unless you were right by the speaker. dj sneak was pretty good and he was havin fun on his birthday. whoever was spinning in the small room between 1 and 4 was fucking amazing. it also had a proper sound system.

it was my first time seeing Mark Farina and he killed it, absolutely killed it. i believe it was him unless the set times posted weren't correct.

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Mark Farina stole the show. Heavy Heavy basslines overlaying illmatic vocals. Safe!. Sneak was alright. Doc Martin was having skipping problems. True about the speaker thing. Sound was crap unless you were up close and personal.

I agree with redeyes ... the guy in the other room was pretty dope as well.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Suke:
I knew it.
Last call = 1:30am
Beer = stale.
word @ suke
i exchanged my beer tickets for mixed drinks. can really taste the humber river water in their brew


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ugh......got in at 12:15. got out of coat check at 1:15. got to beer ticket line at 1:25. "you're cut off! no more alcohol sales." fuck me. i was exhausted coming into the party, and i figured a few drinks would liven me up, but with nothing, i just wasn't feeling it. sneak was ok, nothing special. but good lord did farina rock it out. my back is aching, my ankles are barely supporting my massive frame
, but i still managed to find some energy to bust out when farina was playing. honestly, best HOUSE set i've heard in my life. thundering beats, nice groovy basslines, sweet sweet vocals, and that mix of LA LA Land was incredible! venue was really nice, but got to agree with jay on this one, way too hot in there, where's teh VENTILATION!? get some fans or open up some windows and bingo, my new fav spot to party. really like the "warehousenessity" of the place. if i had energy, this would have been one of the best parties of the year, quite a good crowd, really were up for it.


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you guys are right about the beer, drank one and i got to say that was probably the most water downed i've ever had

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And you wonder why the beer was only $3? lol. I ran into more than one person that had their first and last Steamwhistle beer that night. hahaha.

I had a fun night, Sneak was awesome. I liked Farina's set, but I thought he'd have been better to close out the party instead of being in the 2-4 slot. His set just sapped the juice out of me, and I ended up leaving around 5 or so.

Shouts to all the 'heads and TBK in effect.

-- Jay aka Fut


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I was so disappointed with last night... but it was by no means the fault of the promoter. I blame it solely on that super skunky Steamwhistle draft that had me nauseous from the get go. I must've gagged about 500 times last night. It got so bad, that I had to go home which pissed me off cuz I really wanted to see Farina and Doc. Though while I was gagging and dry-heaving, I got to hear some wicked beats in the sideroom. I don't know who those guys were but they were on point. Boo to Steamwhistle draft!


ps. I really liked that backdrop in the main room... is that part of the venue or did someone create that just for last night?


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Oh and I don't know what was hotter, the venue or all the ladies... they were definitely represent'n last night... dayum!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by KickIT:

ps. I really liked that backdrop in the main room... is that part of the venue or did someone create that just for last night?
yeah that was cool. at first i thought it was some sort of trippy geometric shaped patter/design but [mcbain]upon closer inspection[/mcbain] it was just a bunch of buildings
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Smiley Jo

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I'm not too sure how to start this review, because the jam was neither killer nor crappy. Crazy crowd, decent music, I'm glad I went but it won't be up there with my most favorite Sneak parties.

Definite YAY points:
-got a great pre-party buzz at the open bar wedding I was at beforehand.
(Thanks Maggs!)
-arrived at 12:20 or so, and there was no one in line.
-found all my kats right away, and it seemed like everyone was there to represent!
It was so good to see so many familiar faces. I wish I could have made the rounds a bit more, but I was unable to get anywhere in that insanity.
-Farina totally took me by surpise. I was ready to be put to sleep quite honestly, because he's done that to me in the past, but he played really bass heavy, which i've been loving lately, and I ended up grooving to quite a bit of his set. It certainly didn't blow me away, but I did enjoy it alot more than I thought I would.
-Sneak was great. I can always count on the man to get my ass shakin', no matter what. I can't say it was his finest performance, but he threw down a pretty good set.

Definite NAY points:
-the sound was ass, and it's been better in there before, that's how I know.
-SO frikken hot. Do all those bloody windows not open at all?? It was disgusting.
-why was there no search at the door? I'm not one to insist but with a crowd that big, could security not have at least given us a once over? It would have made me feel safer IMO.
-Sneak + no room to bust out = pure frustration.

All in all, it was a good party. Huge turnout, and alot of people having a good time. Last year's Birthday Beats was better, but alot of things were better last year, so it's no big surprise to me.

Happy birthday Sneak!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JayIsBored:
another NAY - you didn't see me
nor me. i was hurt the several times i smiled yet got no response, or was it more of a who the hell are you?....oh the pain of it all...

Smiley Jo

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Jay - didn't see you at all!!

Vinder - I waved..
You seemed busy chatting...

&lt;-- wishing it wasn't so chaotic


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Ahhhhhhhh the laydeeeez. So many of them. It was lovely.

Sneak started off sweetly, but I found that the rest of his set did'nt get me moving. But he turned it up right at the end which lead perfectly into...

Mark Farina! Wikked set. Had me dancing in the back for the entire 2 hrs. I can see why he's so popular.

Doc Martin was playing some sweet, sweet music but I was getting tired, but I managed to hold on till a little after 5am.

I heard a little bit of the other room and whoever was on at around 11:30 - 12:30 was dropping some funky beats.

Saw tons of people there. Tight vibe.

Backdrop behind the decks in the main room was very slick.

I had a great time. It was a great party.

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a definite yay! for last night

1st of all -- yes, I got home OK and YES I haven't been that inebriated in ages. I'll attempt to justify it by stating that I started drinking at 6, went to the Leafs game and drank more, then to Armadillo's where I drank a bit more and got to try on Shjon Podein's Stanley Cup ring (which was celebrated with more beer...I think

Once I stumbled to the party I figured I was done drinking. Thanks to Jay for buying me more drinks when clearly I should've been cut off

I thought Farina absolutely killed it. Super floatey bounceyhouse, just the way I like it! The sound was shit unless you were up towards the front, but DAMN it sounded nice
The building backdrop was slick, and having the DJ's up close and personal on the floor made the vibe a lot more intimate. I found it kinda hard to dance for a while it was so packed, and my lord someone please OPEN A WINDOW!!!

DJ Doublecross

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Well everything's already been said, so I'll just point out what I agree with:

1) The music was good, especially in the second room. In the main room, I actually liked J-Dub's set from 10-12 the most (I didn't have a ticket so I had been there since 9:15pm with Jay). Although I didn't hear Doc Martin's set.

2) The beer made me feel bad, and I ended up giving my last ticket to Slippery Pete, thus adding to his already inebriated state.

3) The main room was rediculously hot, but that's okay because it forced me into the second room for a while, where I heard said good music.

All in all, a good saturday night out.



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Fuck all'yall haters on the board....It was a good party.

Um.... perhaps the "party of the year?"

Geeze...that goodness my friend bought me a ticket to this Steam Whistle jam. I have never been to this venue but have been to a previous Sneak parties. I couldn't believe the line up of non-ticket holders paying $35 to get in. (Um...thems the procrastinatin' party people)

Got in the door with no line and the place looks lively. First thing I noticed were that people were dressed well. Not the 'baseball cap / gotta pull up my phat pants' kinda crowd. Second thing I noticed was that everyone looked older. Almost as if this jam was for the knowledgeable heads out there who KNOW of Mark Farina! Third thing I noticed was that I just walked in without security doing the regular pat down and testicular ruffle!

Ok...so it was lame you had to buy "drink tickets" and then you were only limited to 3 kinds of beer.

1. Steamwhistle
2. Steam Whistle
3. Liquid nasty in a cup

Why did they shut down the bar before 2am? Props to one of the bartenders who helped the cause by giving me some beers after lockdown for one of those purple tickets with the words BANK OF CANADA on it.

Enough already....da music! J Dub had me groovin' and feeling housy. I started to dance and looked around the room. Everyone was beautiful. Ladies were hotter than hot. This was beyond my expectations. I've got a sore neck to prove it. Felt like a real Warehouse party or perhaps an "Adult Rave" comes to mind. It was sweet though.....

When Mark Farina came on....the room was packed. I wasn't sure if I was slippin' and sliding' on spilt drinks or sweat. It was hotter than hot. Farina had a bumpin' solid set! So deep, so pure! It was house music without the extra electronic tones that can be annoying after a while. People were clapping during the low beats in his set. Lots of folks were cheering. The vibe in the room was amazing. I spoke to so many kewl and happy people enjoying themselves. People were dancing, laughing, and gettin' their groove on! It felt so good to be there....

I loved the "apartment" visual in the back. Plain, simple, yet dramatic. Make you wonder if Benson and Hedges effects are necessary to make a party better.

I wish I could have stayed for Doc Martin but I had to jet

Peace Party People

1. When going to Steam Whistle, leave your coat in the car.
2. I know why other bars don't let you take drinks into the bathroom. If your aren't careful it can be hard to tell the difference between Steam Whistle and urine.


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i had a fun night in a pretty cool venue, bringing back memories of old school days...however as mentioned above the sound system in the main room was definitely not up to the task...yet i really enjoyed the first hour+ of farinas set...deep, dubby & wicked bass...

however around 3:30 i ventured into the side room to enjoy some of gryphon & jason hodges?? ... the sound was definitely crisp & clear & the tunes were spot on...great track selection including a nice rmx of erotic city (had the crowd going pretty crazy...)...

overall a good night, with lots of friendly faces in the crowd...i was pretty tired from a great friday night listening to mark, luke & matt so it was a bit of a struggle & around 4 i made a hasty decision to leave (so my apologies to vinder, dora & tom for not swinging back in to say g'night)...lots of tribe cru in the place & as always great to chat w/ everyone...

agree w/ the comments above on the decor...often the minimalist look which the party went for last night goes just as far as lasers & visual shows (although i really enjoy both)...

good to hear house, & hopefully can do some more of it soon...



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Not a bad party, all in all. Sneak layed down...really enjoyed his set. The idiot bartenders were pouring pretty lame shots of booze in my drinks, until the bars got rammed, and then they started opening up and mixing me some stiff 'uns just in time for - Mark Farina.....I'd cut the man up, but I honestly can't find the right words to describe his "on the fence" style of playing. He's like that girl you went to highschool with who talked all big about having sex with you, but when it actually came down to it she stroked your cock for a minute and left you with blue balls.

Whatever. I would rather have heard a completely soft set than one that kept threatening to get hard but never did.

By the time the Doc came on, I was so completely unsatisfied that the only way to cure my blue balls at that point was to go home and play with my own turntables. Well, I didn't do that, actually, but it makes a really sneaky hint towards aural masturbation. *grins*

Anyhow, it was really super-cool to party with the good ole boys and girls. Thanks for comin' out guys.

Extra points for Svet, because she came for pre-party drinks with me at my local pub and now all the bartenders there think I have an older, sexy girlfriend who wears red fur. *grins* I tried to tell them the truth, but you know how people get.

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