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Sneak @ Mad Bar


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party was busy, mad bar looks great now

evil p did a nice job on the decks, I can't say the same about Sneak oh well I made the best out of it.



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Happy 5 Years Mad Bar!

Wicked jam. Tight vibe, tight venue! Chilling upstairs and getting "jiggy" was a good Sunday night vibe while Sneak warmed up. Then front row centre for a great Sneak set.

The Digital Underground "Do Whatchya Like" remix was on point! Anyone have any info on this track?


ChRomE bAr


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How much was it to get in? Saw it was a Goldclub event and thought it might be too pricy for a Sunday night. Also couldn't find any info on their site. Didn't want to go in for a $20 cover on a Sunday night after partying Sat night. Thought it would be a good cap on the weekend hearing Sneak and Evil P since I skipped System Sat night.

Just curious about the cover... :confused:




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the digital underground 'do whatcha like' is a white label called House arrest 'version 1.0'. there's a killer neneh cherry remix on the flip.
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I screwed up the date and thought it was this coming Sunday otherwise I would have been there.
sorry Angie