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Here is a pretty even take on the whole matter from Canadian Lawyer:

The real scandal in the SNC-Lavalin affair | Canadian Lawyer Mag

After reading it I have decided SNC-LAVALIN should be criminally charged for its activities and those charges should make their full way through the court process without any government meddling. Also, the company should be immediately blocked from government contracts for 10 years as specified in Canadian law.

I know fellow business people who have gone through the rigorous process to get government contracts. I myself have even sat through multi-hour Canadian government seminars on how to do business with the Canadian government and how to get government contracts. I did not go ahead with the process because it seemed too long and complicated but I do remember security clearance, rigour, law, ethics all are all stressed in these seminars.

If SNC-LAVALIN gets a break here it taints the entire government procurement process.