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SMTP ownz me


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Is there a reason why I can't ping an SMTP server (but I am able to send emails fine).
Yes, we have a firewall.

I am trying to setup a XEROX machine (which has a capability to scan and send through email). It's not sending cuz it's not authenticating through the SMTP.
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oh toro

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are u trying to authenticate to bell's mail server? if so, the issue could be the mail server doesn't support the method of authentication being used. the mail server logs should reveal what the issue is.


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I'm guessing that since you're trying to go through a firewall that the machine is local to you and you're trying to email through a remote mail server. Are you on an office lan or at home on Sympatico / Rogers? I know you can't send mail directly through mail servers on Rogers / Sympatico (port 25). You have to use their servers. It could be something gay like that. The config on the Xerox should support Auth if that's not the problem...

Urm... More details?
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