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Smokers can go suck on this.......



Sunday, Apr. 07, 2002
Licking the Habit
Time Magazine


It sounded like a good idea: give smokers something to suck on that will satisfy their nicotine cravings without all the health problems associated with smoking. But unlike earlier nicotine substitutes--the patches and the chewing gums--these come in appealing flavors like Very Berry and Lemon Lime and are shaped like lollipops and gummi bears. And that's what put them in the crosshairs of antismoking activists. Because if there's one thing that's likely to be more addictive than cigarettes, it's nicotine-laced candy, particularly if kids ever get hold of it.

Last week, prompted by an article in the Wall Street Journal about the booming sales of nicotine lollipops with names like Nicostop and Likatine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it was looking into their legality. What started out as a well-intentioned effort to help smokers quit just may have backfired.

Nicotine pops look a lot like regular lollipops, but they smell a little weird and leave a sour aftertaste. Most contain either 2 mg or 4 mg of a chemical called nicotine salicylate and sell for about $3 apiece. They're made by independent pharmacists, who have long had the right to mix various active ingredients, usually following a doctor's orders, into preparations that aren't commercially available.

Folks who smoke more than 1 1/2 packs a day are supposed to start with the 4-mg pops and work their way down to 2 mg after a couple of weeks. The idea is not to suck on the things continuously but only when the urge to smoke becomes overpowering. Once the craving has passed, you're instructed to put the lollipop back in its reusable bag. One pop is supposed to replace four or five cigarette breaks.

So, how well do the nico-pops work? "I've had mixed success," says Dr. Rene Harper, an assistant professor at the Medical College of Georgia, who has prescribed the lollipops to patients who had failed to quit smoking with either nicotine gum or patches. Some of his patients found they either were too expensive or didn't pack enough of a punch. Still, Harper says, "there may be some advantage to the lollipop. It may work faster than gum." Experts suspect the pops probably won't cause lung cancer, but heart disease can't be ruled out.

They definitely deliver enough nicotine to produce a buzz. A former smoker reports that after sucking on a lollipop for a few minutes and then putting it aside, he found himself thinking about it all the time. He finally had to throw the rest of it away. Adults who are using the lollipops regularly should take care not to leave them lying around within the reach of children.

The idea of making nicotine lollipops seems to have come to several different pharmacists, who saw the sucking candies as an alternative for smokers who couldn't stand the taste of Nicorette, the FDA-approved nicotine gum. The pops quickly caught on, thanks in part to aggressive Web-based marketing. One supply house reports that orders for nicotine salicylate from pharmacists rose 17-fold last year--enough to make at least 335,000 pops (up from 19,500 pops in 2000).

Probably no one would have noticed if a few pharmacists hadn't had the bright idea of selling the lollipops over the counter, without requiring a prescription. They justified this by noting that Nicorette has been sold without a prescription since 1996; one pharmacist says he actually got the go-ahead from his state pharmacy board. The problem is that Nicorette gum is backed by years of research, whereas the lollipops are not. Also, no one would ever mistake peppery-tasting Nicorette gum for candy.

Enter the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, which has long argued that the FDA should regulate all nicotine-delivery vehicles, including cigarettes. When a staff member for the group discovered that he could order nicotine lollipops over the Internet without a prescription or even an inquiry about his age, the group started raising a stink.

Industry watchers expect the FDA to take some kind of action within the next few weeks. At least one pharmacy that had been producing its own pops--compounding them, in the jargon of the trade--and selling them over the counter, isn't waiting for the FDA crackdown. "This was our first venture into otc compounding," says William Johns, owner of Peoples Custom Rx in Memphis, Tenn. "I've decided we will sell them only by prescription until this all gets sorted out."
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Okay, all right.

Who's up for some Tuborg and Heineken enemas? You know, to stave off the tumours *shifty eyes*.
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Damn the government!

I go away on vacation and come back to smokes being $10 a pack now!

Ugh, I'm having my first "smoke free day" because now I can't even afford to smoke.

Cold turkey feels fuzzy......I'm tingly all over.....

Hello purple goat!
Orange KitKat!


TRIBE Member
mmm tasty. I don't smoke but I want to try those! :D

:p (this is me licking my lips)

:rolleyes: (then realizing that I was stupid to try candy not meant for me)
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Originally posted by Cheer Bear

Smokes are 10 bucks a pack out west?

[reminder: do not, EVER, visit relatives]

Just Saskapoon and the rest of Saskatchewan.

Damn budgets..........

Sporty Dan

TRIBE Member
The city council of St Cloud, Florida has recently adopted a policy of only hiring non-smokers, and all employees must take regular tests to ensure that they are not smokers. Their claim is smokers increase their health care costs and reduce productivity.


I can;t help but wonder what the public reaction would be if they had a policy of not hiring people with HIV. I mean.... you COULD make all the same arguments for it........

oh well...



TRIBE Member
What if you're one of those people who can't for the life of themselves just SUCK on the lollipop and have to crunch it first opportunity...

Do you OD on nicotine of you have 5 a day?

This bodes ill for lolipop ravers...



TRIBE Member
A little smokers story.....

So I land in Regina on Sunday only to have the plane break down! (damn you Tango!) Next we get hearded on a bus like lost cattle for a 2.5 hour ride to Saskatoon. Finally arrive in Sakatoon settle in to my hotel room only to realize that I am out of smokes :( Well of I venture to find a place to buy some.

Me: DuMaurier Light Regular please.
Clerk: Do you have any ID?
Me: You're kiddin right? (I'm actually 30 althought people say I look much younger)
Clerk: Nope, I gotta see some.
Me: I'll be back (in my voice not Arnolds!)

Back to the hotel I go as all I have in my pocket is cash!

10 min later.

Me: DuMaurier Light Regular please.
Clerk: Do you have any ID?
Me: Here ya go.
Clerk: Thanks... $9.74 please.
Me: What? Are you just jerking me around now or what?
Clerk: No.. why?

It was at that point I decided enough was enough and told him to keep the smokes. At that point I continued my adventure to a drug store puchased a box of Habitrol nicotine patches and decided it was time to quit! All I can say is these things work great! 4 days and still going strong! All I can say is thank you to the Saskatchewan gov't for being so ridiculous... it got me to quit! :D
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TRIBE Member
What hotel did you stay at?

This one?


Man, you guys gotta tell me when your coming to town......I'm so bored usually........

Ah well, the weather is warming.....it's getting better.


TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Eclectic
What hotel did you stay at?

I'm actually still here! I'll be here until Tues/Wed next week. Staying at the Sandman... It's a nice hotel... has a Denny's and a place called the Shark Club. All the staff there are great, nice and friendly!


TRIBE Member
I am literally 3 blocks from you right now!

I'm just down Cynthia Street then right on Hansleman.

Heheh, I know the hotel. Denny's right next to it.

Why you in town?


TRIBE Member
I'm here for work but still waiting on equipment! I've been stuck in this hotel for a couple days! I'm gonna check out The Rainbow Cinemas at 4:00 and catch a flick. Nice cheap prices!


TRIBE Member

Shitty mall though.

Well if you wanna meet up for drinks, PM me and we'll meet up or something. Classes are done so this weekend should be a banger.

But I work......hehe
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