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Smith and Mighty @ Fez Batik

ecstasy riot

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Oh, I have much more to write but I am in a rush.
Amazing tunes, altho the crowd seemed very indifferent to the music.


Word to Par-T, Bull Go Ki (rOwr), Evil Homer
and D-Cypher for keeping me company.


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this was the party i wanted to go to last night, but couldn't hook it up w/ some friends so i ended up at system...however on my way past fez last night it sounded really wicked...i'm assuming the mc was part of the deal, but the sound was really nice & heavy...love the dub beats & i would have loved to have been there...'


ecstasy riot

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System vs. Smith and Mighty?

Where was yr reason, I was gonna go alone but ended up going with 2 uber people. But even alone I wouldn't have missed this.


Par- T

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Smith & Mighty's 3rd visit to Fez, this time was not as good as their appearances last year. Good tunes anyway, a cool excursion through drum & bass, dub and reggae with stops at their hits and other wicked tunes. Some equipment trouble at the start, delayed things a bit making their finish at 3am seem all too short.
I parked by the upstairs speaker to loose myself to the tunes - certainly the best place to be with space to be dancing surrounded by the funky beats.

Nice to see ya Megin and to meet D-cypher and Evil Homer.


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Bit of a late response here, I was there though alone and loving it, ripping up the greatly underused but MUCH cooler (thanks to the rain) patio. I have NO idea what was in the air that night but I was on fire!
You'll notice me wherever I go by the white-grey-black camoflage hat

Met some cool random people too...

the reason I'm responding though is because I wanna know who does parties like this on a regular basis? the crowd was wicked, the venue just small enough that it wasn't too hot or rammed, and the beer prices weren't that bad. Should I be checking MILK regular like? Any other smallish production companies??


PS Patioz rule!
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