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Smirnoff Experience


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I was only there for about 45 minutes, so I can't really give a good review except...

2 words: fire hazard
deko-ze warmed things up nice, then spent most of the time in the guv. a bit disappointed in TP's set - nothing spectacular.. but john kelly was a nice surprise. can you imagine she sells sanctuary into cafe del mar? it was sweeeet!

just heard a bit of nic warren.. nice 'n deep stuff.

waaay to many ppl in the guv. couldn't dance a bit. smirnoff overall an excellent host of events, tho that's all the bar was serving, so if you didn't like vodka you were sol!

some guy gave us vip passes in line so no cover and 2 free drinks! thx large whoever you were!

ok nite overall.
Great night, but badly organized... you think after all the big events at Guv, that they would finally have their act together... but this time was the worst yet... anyways, enough of the negatives, as everything else was posotive...

Dave Ralph - Pretty good set, got the crowd warmed up ... threw some breaks down at the end to changes things up ... nice touch..

Green Velvet - AMAZING .. where has this guy been? how come someone didn't tell me about him before!! Anyways, absolutely amazing Live PA ... unbelievable reaction for LaLaLand from the crowd...

Nick Warren - Great set ... as good (or better) than his set @ system... wish he had longer than 2 hours, because it seemed like he was just getting warmed up and then he was done ...

And thanks to smirnoff for getting me drunk for free
Had an amazing night...

Dekoze opened it up nice, had the crowd bumpin'...I was really surprised with Dave Ralph's set, at first I was dissapointed to see him playing in the Kool Haus with GV and DJ Dan, but he totally kept pace, nice hard set.

I paid 25 bucks for this party specifically to see Green Velvet and he did not dissapoint whatsoever...second time seeing him perform live and just as fucking good.
Dj Dan played a dope set after, but by then the alcohol was starting to wear off and I was getting pretty tired, so didn't appreciate as much.

LOVED the set up of the Kool Haus, what an amazing place to throw parties...but seriously disliked the fact that you could not find a beer in the entire place...

Overall a great night, thanks to Preroller for throwing a great lead block in getting us to the front for Green Velvet...and to Jay Fut and the other tribers at the front by the speakers, you guys must be deaf, cause it was fucking LOUD up there! Good seeing you again though...
wicked party!

as someone mentioned earlier, the organization part of it sucked. i got in, only to find that i had to trek over to the guv to check my coat. they had a steel fence thing right near the coat check, and i seriously thought that it was going to collapse and i was going to get trampled on!

anyway, got 2 free drink tickets, made my way over to kool haus and hung out by the bar while dave ralph was throwing down. sounded nice...green velvet was amazing! that guy is such a freak, it's great. left after la la land to check out warren, and he totally killed the guv. wow...played amazing tunes, the lights and lazers were spectacular, but the vibe could have been better. people were bumping into me all night without as much as an excuse me, or sorry, or a pat on the back to get through, they just rammed right through.

anyway, it was a great night...except the coat check could have been better. i had to fight off a massive crowd and wait for 30 minutes to get my coat @ the guv after nick warren was done...

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Had a blast, except for the crowd....soooo rammmed it took 40 min to go from the kool haus to the guv...yack!

Warren was awesome...pounding beats to say the least. He looked like he was having a good time with the stage guests

Dave Ralph, Dan and Dekoze were all amazing in their own rights.

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omg... toooooooooo much smirnofff!!!!
i know we got home safely.
i know i got to meet jay / frutonic..

anything else, not too sure! oops
I had a lot of fun last night. It was probably the most excited I had been for a party in quite a while, and it was well worth it.

Matt C in the Guv and Dekoze in the Warehouse started things off nicely. Darren Christian had a couple problems with the mixer when he started, but aside from that he was okay too.

Dave Ralph started off a little slow but about halfway through his set he started laying down some sweeeeeet tracks and really got the crowd bumpin'.

Green Velvet came on and the crowd went nuts. I thought he put on a good show, but I think his performance at Klip in June was better.

Following Green Velvet, the one and ONLY DJ Dan stepped up and tore the roof off. Sets don't get much dirtier than that. It was fucking great. It's too bad that I was out of juice towards the end of his set, no water left because there was nothing but HOT water coming out of the taps in the washrooms, and I was hungry. Doh. He still kicked ass though.

Shout outs to ALL the TBK that turned out proper last night. It was great to see the massive amounts of friendly faces all in one area more or less. I won't list everyone off because that'd go on for pages. I will however mention that it was good to meet a couple of new faces - Bucky, LiquidFairy, and Blueker. Big shouts to Bucky for bring Megs up from NYC to party for her birthday! I hadn't seen her since February! Yay!

Anyways, a fun night was DEFINITELY had by me. I'd be more than happy to go to another event like this, and even hope for the few aforementioned problems that others stated to be worked out.

-- Jay aka Fut
Seeing that I didn't go to this event, I am sitting in my office jealous with envy!!!!

Damm all of you for having fun without me

Sounds like a great time! Pics?
Props to all those who went out of their way to say hi to me as requested on a previous post. It was nice to actually put some faces to the nicks - granted I am not as heavey into Tribe as most regulars. And sales were pretty good that night even though everything was vodka...ah well see you out there again sometime soon!
Wow. I had a great time. Despite the serious crowd issues. I hate it when then they close off areas of Guv and then still pack as many people in. But we found a nice spot in the Guv by the doors out to the patio, lots of space around there.

The budget for this party was insane, I've heard $800,000. Decorations, video screen, lighting ... everywhere.

Deko-ze was great as usual. Nice nice tracks. Darren Christian was okay. Tall Paul seemed flat. John Kelly rocked it.

Headed back to Koolhaus and caught Green Velvet. Wow what a freak! And in a great way. Excellent live show, very future 80s retro. My favourite part was the keyboard dude who wasn't even pressing any of the keys. He looked too afraid to. Hahahah.

Dropped back into Guv for a little bit of Nick Warren before leaving.

Great time despite the crowd.
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It was a fun night, quickly learned to remain in one place rather than deal with the insane traffic between guvernment and kool haus. Lots of friendly faces, it was nice to see some people for the first time in months! Musically, the evening was a mix. Caught a bit of Tall Paul, he sounded solid, what I generally expected. I loved Dave Ralph, his sound was different than I anticipated, a little bumpier and housier, his mixing was clean. Then Green Velvet took the stage. I can honestly say that I've never heard less talent packed into one hour. It was so bad that I was laughing! The shitty timing with his keyboard guitar, garbage chorus warble on the vocals, and stupid lyrics were too much after about 20 minutes, but what can you do? danced and had fun anyways. DJ Dan was DJ Dan, he was a relief from the bad industrial. Then home to bed.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mr tall:

Then Green Velvet took the stage. I can honestly say that I've never heard less talent packed into one hour. It was so bad that I was laughing! The shitty timing with his keyboard guitar, garbage chorus warble on the vocals, and stupid lyrics were too much after about 20 minutes

It's Green Velvet! What do you expect?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by futronic:

Green Velvet came on and the crowd went nuts. I thought he put on a good show, but I think his performance at Klip in June was better.

Now I don't feel so bad for not going.
That was a damn great party!
Only hung out in the main room cuz after that first trip to the Guv i learned my lesson!!

The decor was absolutely crazy......

and the musik...

when i got there Deko-ze was still playing-
man his set was fawkin' unreal...i was like, 'this isn't the Deko-ze I know......'

Dave Ralph surprised me too, this progressive stuff ain't bad.......

Green Velvet live.....awesome performance....
almost identical to the Klip party but i think the bigger crowd made it better!!!!

ans then there was Dan...
finally someone has the balls to represent Antoine Clamaran's musik...it got everybody insane fer real....always represent the funky tekno tribe...
left just after 4am....
I was waiting for a party like this!!!!!!
big ups for free passes!!!!!

hope u all had fun...
ps-big ups to the crew in tow
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&gt;&gt;humans are gross&lt;&lt;

got there at the WRONG time... 12:00ish

had the same "experience" as sohaness - coat check was a nightmare... totally fucking insane.

got through it in time for Green Velvet... meh... what mr tall said.

DJ Dan was definately why I wanted to go... and he made the night worth while... or at least a track from another late night did... (wish I could remember the name)

anyhow - I danced and put up with the crowd as long as I could stand it... which wasnt long - till almost 4:00... then fought my way back to coatcheck...

Well, I was pretty excited for this event, but after stepping foot into the venue the excitement went out the window. Some up's, some downs...

Venue: IMO, Kool Haus is one of the best venue's in town. It's huge, the sound is good, there are many bars, you can see the DJ from anywhere in the room and they go ALL OUT with the decor. The lighting, screens, etc in the venue were top box, spare no expense....very, very impressed. Secondly, despite how disgustingly packed the place was, it wasn't boiling hot....a huge bonus to any hard dancer...or any partier for that matter. Can't comment on the other rooms, b/c getting through the crowd was nearly impossible.

Music: I'm a junglist and a big fan of any broken beats, so the music wasn't my favourite, BUT from what I heard I was quite impressed. Caught the end of Deko-ze's set, heard it from the coat check area
, which was good, and then heard all of Ralph's set...which was good, breaks at the end made me happy. Left after his set...read on to see why.

Crowd: The final element to make or break a party...BREAK!!!! Aside from the crew that came with me and the TBK I ran into, this crowd licked ass. Drunken retards, crashing into one another, spilling more drink then they consumed and SOOOOO many people you could barely move...dancing was at a minimal...it was the GREAT OLD knee and head bop dance (note sarcasim). Needless to say, this is what ruined my evening and cut it short....oh, but there is one additional element to this party...

MASS COMMERCIALISM: This event was so branded it made me want to puke. I know the party/club scene has already gone commercial, but this I could not handle. Sure it was great to get the free drink tickets and they forked out the cash for the decor, but I don't want to go to an event where I feel like I'm the commercial. I'm VERY surprised they didn't stamp all of our foreheads with Smirnoff logo's and tatoo us with barcodes on the backs of our necks, congratulations we were for sale (or were we sold?). Anyhow, words can't describe just how bad it was....I hope someone has pictures. Nonetheless, all the free drink tickets in the world couldn't get me to buy into their game.

So, the overbranding and ridiculous crowd is what destroyed my night...not being able to look ANY direction w/o seeing at least 10-15 Smirnoff logos (no joke) is a little overdone. Kudos Smirnoff...please don't come back.

Ughhhhhh All I can say is WIKED WIKED......must bid on $300k worth of business now.....more later


Don't have your email. Can you send it to me at will@idancetoronto.com ?
Okay, I'm sorry but that was NOT a rave. It was nothing close to one. I encountered A LOT of rude people last night. I don't think I've ever been pushed around so much in my life. Again, please be considerate of others and just flash a smile, a waist grab or a mouthed apology would suffice. Why do people give other people dirty looks for being in their way? It doesn't make sense; we're all in the same boat here.

Anyway, thank god for VIP passes (Hardtekfunk wins the award for best Christmas gift and the award for the hottest girlfriend's accent) because it was a LONG ticket line.

What bothered me was the crowd control and how horribly chaotic it was. There was a line-up to get into the Guv. And once u got into the Orange Room, you couldn't go back out to the Kool Haus.

There was a lineup to get to a toilet (20 min). There was a lineup to get your coat checked (25 min). There was a lineup to get a drink (50 min). There was a lineup to retrieve your coat (25 min). I saw bartenders throwing bottle caps in frustration, coat attendants messing up tons of coats and stacking hangers when a million people were waiting.

Peter and Tyrone were great and Tall Paul played some wicked stuff. Real chill but you couldn't help but dance. But the sound in there sucks. Really muffled and bad acoustics.

Dave Ralph was great. Whatta great warmup for the crowd. The beats were quite sexy and skanky. And the breaks and the end totally topped his set off like a cherry on a sundae.

Too bad I couldn't say the same for Green Velvet. I like La La Land and everything because it's one of those cheesy, funky anthems but the rest of his set was horrible. The music was too loud and the singing was driving me insane. I guess that's his signature sound but it seemed that Green Velvet sounds better when other people play him. It was definitely a spectacle, complete with the 80's keyboard guitar but it was not a sonic feast.

Anyway, what made my night was the presence of SO MANY smiling Tribers. Leave it to Tribe to cut up the floor with style. Whenever I encountered attitude, I just went back over to the right speaker and I was once again surrounded by positivity and the spirit of true music-lovers.

Again, thank you @m. Very considerate of you. And Dan, I'm sorry for laughing at your suit. You looked so handsome.
Keith, I am sorry for being a drunk butthead.
Dora, I love you. Jay, don't touch me. Che, don't touch me. Pete, sorry I touched you.
Bass-Invader is hot. So is Finch. Yum.

Morning everyone.
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