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Smell Backs??


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Is anyone else plagued with these??

You smell a familiar smell then all of a sudden your mind gets FLOODED with these crazy memories you had completely forgotten about??

This happened to me three times really bad today. First it was the smell of cut grass in my backyard. INSTANTLY remembering all these crazy times from years ago chilling with people i had totally forgotten about, smoking weed in my shed and chilling on our muskoka chairs. Even remembering certain jokes that were told.

Then the smell of this lotion I stole from my mom reminded me of this smurf toy I used to have as a child that smelled EXACTLY like the lotion.

Then I ran into this guy i used to date over a year and a half ago, and he still smelled the EXACT same way.... once again, the smell triggered all these insane memories I had completely forgotten about. And even an hour after saying goodbye to him, i can STILL smell it every now and then, and keep remembering this crazy shit from soo long ago.

What the?? Maybe there is merit to when people tell you to study with a certain distinct scent on, and wear that into a test or into an exam for better memory recall.

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I think you should lay off the k when watching seaquest and listening to the moffats. Seriously Tina, some of us are starting to worry.... ;)

From the Ministry of yes, had that too from time to time, moreso with the perfume thing.

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I'm gonna smell something this weekend that I'm sure will remind me of a trip I took a couple months ago.

Yay for Kay!


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This thread causes me to have psychology class flashbacks.
Olfaction and memory are closely linked.. *shiver*


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To get back on topic, this happens to me all the time, certain smells would unlock deeply buried but vivid memories. Like a certain plastic smell would remind me of toys in kindergarten class, and it's like I could go back in time because I could see the whole scene in my mind. Smells can unlock emotions too, certain perfumes will remind me of a crush and I'd get all nervous before I even though about it. Smell and memory are connected; the smell processing area is right next to where memories are stored in the brain.


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Originally posted by Deus
This thread causes me to have psychology class flashbacks.
Olfaction and memory are closely linked.. *shiver*

a cigar is sometimes just a cigar!


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I have these all the time. One this morning actually, I got a free Tony the Tiger watch in my Frosted Flakes (thats right, isn't that greaaaaat!) and the smell of the plastic brought me back to being 5. Being a little kid kicked fucking ass.
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I sometimes smell something and it reminds me of the smallest thing like a burger being burnt at a bbg years ago. Or childhood smells like rain, grass and certain candy smells.

Evil Dynovac

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The olfactory sense is a primative one in that we cannot use or control it to the degree we can control our other senses, but it is a powerful one because we often underestimate its ability to affect us.

The nose activates unbidden and suddenly we are thinking about places and faces we would have otherwise forgotten or even banished from our mind.

The smell of an ex-lover's perfume can immediately disorient us with the amount of memory suddenly recalled. Even our visual and hearing abilities cannot return us to the moment so fully. Our eyes and ears archive our lives for us, they give us easily accessable bookmarks to the things we should remember but smell is not nearly so handy, or cooperative.

Nice thread, gets one thinking it does.

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Subsonic Chronic

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The smell of spring always does that to me.
Returning home from school after being away for months I used to get huge flashbacks of childhood.
The smell in hockey arenas gives me flashbacks of my speedskating days. :)

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Metal Morphosis

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this happens to me often as well. most of the time it brings back good memories of people or places, but recently, while walking around downtown kitchener, a homeless man passed me by and it immediately transported me back to Vancouver - working in the hospital.

Homeless people have a certain 'sour' smell that is unlike any other. It's not a smell I will ever forget. And smelling it certainly brings back unpleasant memories of the less fortunate people in this world.


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FYI: You Are Insane.

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Get Squishy to fix the Kitchen light.....

That Is All......

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I've always been very sensitive to smells.
Certain smells can give me a euphoric feeling, or make me puke just as easily.

Certain perfumes give me an instant headache... sometimes on a crowded bus or subway there will be someone with really bad bile smelling breath, and if I don't cover my mouth and breathe through my shirt or something I'd actually vomit. eww.

I have smellbacks all the time, the most memorable was when I was walking past this store in the Eaton's Centre the other day, and I had a flashback of when I was only a couple of years old and in the mall with my mother, where I smelled a really bad smell (pier one imports?) and ran away, only for my mom to find me later at a flower shop, giving my nose some good breathing!

I know my mom has told me this story before, which is maybe why I remember it, but I defintely think its possible that I associated that same smell, with the smell from 18+ years ago.

The nose is a crazy thing! :p



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Re: Small Becks??

Originally posted by KiX
Is anyone else plagued with these??

You smell a familiar smell then all of a sudden your mind gets FLOODED with these crazy memories you had completely forgotten about??

yes, the smell of pussy makes me think of pussy for example...
but there's other stuff too, like the smell of weed makes me think of weed and the smell of Downy fabric softener makes me think of pussy, and the smell of spring air makes me think of pussy and of kissing someone as well...


Adam Duke

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My smell memories are usually 90% of the time about people I've known, rather than specific moments in time.



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Originally posted by air-bag
tis called a proustian moment
he wrote "in search of lost time" about it

well read:)

yes, smell-a-vu is very powerful. for me at least. if my memories fade, a familiar smell brings back everything perfectly, taking me back to that very moment. i love it.

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