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Small Society at the Big Bop


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...good vibe...

...the security were having such a good time it was a little strange...

...more like this please...


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I showed up just a litle after 1am, and I must say it was a great vibe..

Double the pleasure going on.. Willar X in the second room and Somsay the Ethikal one in the main room.. both breakin proper beats.

The artwork was fantastic! Were they all done by Smokee?
Anyhow top notch Scot, I may contact you to acquire one for my new loft.

The crowd (as I mentioned a few times during the night) was excellent. A good blend of good people having a good time.

I didn't stay too long but the time I was there was worth it.

Look for more from this crew.


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Ok.. decided at the last minute to go out last night. Chose this party, as it sounded interesting, and the promise of seeing Elektra throw down on three decks, as well as Jelo for the first time was enough to get my ass out the door. Plus the fact that it takes me about 5 minutes to walk to the Reverb. The whole "concept" party thing piqued my curiousity as well.

Arrived at around 11:30 to find Reverb pretty empty, and J-Mat throwing down some great pounding tunes. Wanted to dance, but my juices weren't flowing yet, plus the room was pretty empty still, so I decided to head up to Holy Joe's for the breaks room. It's a pretty small space, but I immediately found where the people were hannging early in the night. Drank a beer, danced a bit (I fucking love breaks, why is it that I don't go out to breaks nights? Strange personal mysteries..) then headed back downstairs when it got a bit boring, hung around and bopped to the end of Matt's set (which I really liked), then checked the beginning of AMTRAK, who was unfortunately hampered by some ongoing technical difficulties with one of the tables. She was looking pretty pissed off, and I don't blame her. Found her a little dry, so back upstairs for more breaky goodness, where I came upon (no pun intended) MoFo. Met Chiclet and Aphrodite (you two are a pretty sweet couple :) ), danced a bit more, then back downstairs for the end of AMTRAK.

Then Somsay hit the decks, and the dowstairs started to rock. I liked the general flavour of what he was spinning a lot. Danced like "a villain" for a while, spent a while chatting with the King of the Nighttime World aka Bobby Thrust, which I have to say made the night a lot more fun, breifly met Chu, who seems like a nice guy and gaped at the smattering of very attractive women present.

Ok, I didn't gape.

After Somsay, Jelo assumed the position. I didn't really know what to expect, but I fucking loved his set. Hardhardhard, and a nice variety of stuff from breaks to techno, and the crowd definitely lapped it up! For my first time catching him, I really enjoyed his set. I know it's not much of a critique, sue me.

After Jelo, I have no fucking clue who spun, but it was getting on 4am, and poppa was getting achey in the legs. Listened to the first few boomin jungle tracks, but couldn't find the steam to dance. Went home, ate banana, read a bit and slept.

So, I had a good time overall, however, I was expecting something.. more, as it was billed as a "concept" party. There were some good breaking interludes, the artwork was good, although pretty inconspicuous, but even though the "theme" was appreciated, it did seem a little half-assed. AND I didn't even get to catch Elektra, don't even know if she spun or was even there. What time did the party wrap up at?


Shouts to: J-Hi (Happy Birthday), Bobby Thrust for keeping a smile on my face for so long last night, BigLeagueChu, MoFo, Chiclet, Aphrodite.. and that off the hook dancing fiend with the baby powder! YOU RAWK!

You all rawk.
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The nu-skool breaks were REALLY good. Deep and luscious. Did I hear a Lamb vocal thrown in? And Hybrid? Some wicked tunes there.

Bobby Thrust

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If I am King of the Nighttime World, the who is my midnight queen?

An interesting night and a stark contrast in venues from the night before at Red Square. I am one of those weird people that does enjoy being in a venue with lots of character (read: dirty) now and then. I also like a place tat serves Maximum Ice by the can....where else do you find that?

I am happy Jelo rocked out Julian Liberator's version of Funkytown. I do not tire of hearing that track played loud and it is finally breaking into Toronto (insert advertisement to go pick up 4x4x9 at Eastern Bloc Records). The breaks room was filled with the familiar fiends one would expect and the beats were bopping as I knew that they would. Phat Trick seemed to be going off pretty hard while I was up there. Then you get guys like Meric who take off to watch Jelo during his set. Crazy djs.

BBB it was indeed a good time and Alex still has not punched you in the nose. Speaking of Alex, I can not believe he told me I dance more and more like a raver? I thought I rocked more than I raved? Who knew?

I had a good time and so did all I was with. Oh yeah, happy birthday part deux to Dawson.

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Shhhhhhh. I wasn't going to mention it but yeah... I feel like I should apologize or something... hehe


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fun fun fun

lemme just say Phat Trick is amazin. bring me breaks like that and I'm a happy woman. Willar X - nice set bro!

to the crew that made the night, mush, spun, shane, thanks for all the laughs and ass shakin.

nice runnin into Chuck and Collin. however unpleasent it was to hear "there's no big KickIT event in the future." :( booo to that. Chu best get on his ass!

great music, intresting art, good friends and yummy chinese. what more is there?
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The only bad thing about the party was the turn.

It was such a kick ass concept party, and the music kicked all night and the people were amazing.

A really really good vibe, it's just too bad not more people showed up.

Also the security was amazing. I've never been to a party with such amazing security. They were less worried about what people were doing, and more concerned about the possibility of an undercover showing up at an inopportune time and ruining the vibe of the party.

They so just wanted us to have fun.

My only fear is that this sort of party won't happen again becuase of the turn out, but should there be one I am so there!



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Agree Completely--Good Tunes, Good Vibe, The best Security Ever, Great Art, so where were all the people? I'm afraid that a bad turn out like that will make it less likely for such an event to happen again, which would make me sad.

A suggestion in regards to the art: it would be nice if there were little placards like in real art galeries telling you at least the name of the artist, if not the medium and title, and maybe a website/email for them. I assume this Smokey person would maybe like to sell some if it, and I at least would go to any gallery/showing, so contact info is good.

I did like the Reverbness of it too--yay 'dirty' venues. There is a direct correlation between this and the coolness of the security, I am certain.

Aphrodite & Chiclet: Sorry I disappeared, I went off on an illicit mission, and got sidetracked in the chill room by random chattiness, and you must've left by the time I went lookin' cause I looked everywhere! It was wicked to see you though.

And of course it was wicked to see/meet the one the only, the man Alex D!


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Nice seeing you too Lysistrata! I wondered were you went! I had fun dancin(or drunkin stumbling is more like it) with you ;) good thing my girl doesn't get jealous ;)

let's see some more parties like this!
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Bobby Thrust

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I did not realize that the turnout was poor? The breaks room was always shoulder to shoulder and at peak time the main room was boppin. I felt it comfortable. It was a good time and I would encourage the promoters to continue on. It is just unfortunate that all parties are not multi-media affairs (insert random good ole days comment here).



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Thanx for all the good feedback guyz! The turn-out was good, but definitely could be better next time!...yes next time! May 11th baby!! It's gunna be even better than the first!! Woohooo!!:eek:

Phat Trick

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Indeed a fun time.
I had a blast playing, thanks Scott from small society, and jamie from torontobreaks, for having me

Got to meet Chiclet and Aphrodite, I swear they got me so hyped with all that woo hoo-ing. Definately a cool duo.

ps. Chiclet/Aphrodite, my email address is trickyone@sympatico.ca, and I promise I won't bail the next time you want me to play.



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I definitely had a good time. I gotta say that I like the Reverb as a venue. The accoustics in the main room make the room sound so good. I also gotta say that DJ Somesay (err whatevers) was fuck'en dope. People who know me, know I don't impress too easily but I was definitely digg'n his set. The programming was on point. Reminded my alot of old school breaks sets and not that electroliners crap you hear out every week. Good werk on the party.

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wow....i'm really glad i got out to this party! such a great vibe. i actually really like the reverb as a venue and the sound was better than i was expecting. the place looked great too- the artwork was amazing! and i kind of liked that it was a small, not over-crowded party- i hope you guys didn't lose a lot of money. i didn't get to much dancing it, but i thoroughly enjoyed beaker's and dominik's sets. the best thing about this party was the fact that there was a chill room that wasn't full of sketchy kids sitting on the floor giving each other massages- mind you there was a lot of drug usage going on, but it wasn't sketchy. i heard a lot of interesting coversations in there. was anybody in the chill room when that blonde chick stood up and told everyone she was a stripper and how she couldn't handle a girl going down on her.........tooooo funny! :) and everyone's been talking about how cool the security but i have to give more props- they were the best.

anyhow, overall wicked times.....



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may 11th eh? nice!

Patrick - you are the sweetest! don't think we wont take you up on that offer! we definately wanna throw another free event like that

ps ~ it's all about breakbeats and friends

Scorched Earth

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This party rocked! I saw a ton of friends, the music was great, and the vibe was positive. The dance performance was interesting, cool still. I had a really good time for the short time that I spent there. Good job on the party, Mike, Scott, and the gang. I'll see you all on May 11th!



Big League Chu

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This was a great Jam, had the night free from spinning and found a refreshing party.
Good seeing some people I had'nt seen in a while.
Sets I saw:
Phat Trick: nice breaks set had the room bumpin and jammed.
Somsay: This guy played a well programmed electro-ish breaks set that had me rockin'. Gotta bring this guy back. Smooth and the sound in the main room was really clean and clear.
Dave Saddler: brought the breakers back to the second room after Somsay's set, solid beats.

The art work was nice to see, congrats to Scott and the others for the decor.

The beer tap was flowing in full effect (those who were there will know what I'm talkin' about).
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