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Slumlord Millionaire


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Well, basically, I have a terrible track record with tennants.

Technically they're "boarders", though, in the final death wringings, they like to think otherwise.

I don't charge much. In fact I charge dirt cheap, well below market prices. I don't need the money. I need the company. Or maybe I don't.

Well what I've learned is that most people are dysfunctional. Unfortunately I've learned this on my own dime. Perhaps also I'm a part of that dysfunctional equation.

I mean we got drug dealers, prostitutes, gimbos, kids, lesbians, myself, ... the equation points to disaster. How do I manage this nonsense?

So earlier today, last night I suppose, one gentleman became pissed off because his girlfriend, twice his age and then some, is still pulling tricks. Oh well that was justification for him to flick my table and upset all kinds of drinks.

This upset the lesbian who sided with the prostitute and she promptly stomped out into the cold. I was left with her in-the-closet fag hag buddy (who actually is very handsome) and we discussed quantum computing all the while waiting for drama queen to come back.

And come back she did, and declared "I will make up my mind if I stay or not."

Well lah dee dah bitch, if only I could go to the bank and say:

me> "Hey I'm kind of having a hissy fit, so I'll make up my mind or not if I'm gonna pay you."

bank> "You know, the sidewalk is cold, but it's free. Maybe you should live there."

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Is there something intrinsically incompatible between gay guys and lesbians?

I mean, on the face of it, a gay guy and a lesbian chick have absolutely nothing in common interest. They do share a general social stigma. We share.

Something in the back of my head says it's easier to be a lesbian than a male homo. Somehow society gives women a bit more leverage, at least, western society.

And this is how I get flicked over.