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slsk problem


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I am having a serious problem with soulseek

there are people whose user list I know I am on and I should be able to browse their file and download but every time I try to browse their files I get

"error trying to get file list"

and of course it's happening for the peoples whose filed I want to browse the most!!! :mad:

anyone know WTF is going on and how to fix it?

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ya, I thought that might be the problem

I now share my net connection with another computer, mine is the second computer not the main one.

is there anything I can do about it?


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I'm not sure what you can do about it.. maybe someone else will be able to suggest a solution..
I'm having the exact same problem.


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check the soulseek message board for router configuration tips...you may have to set up your router so that the ports soulseek uses is forwarded directly to your computer

the next version of soulseek (which is being tested) will have additional options for people behind routers
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i was having the same problem. there is a test that you can do to see if you have the correct ports open. after i opened the ports, everything was fine

The Tesseract

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Not all lists will pop up for you.
Sometimes i get, sometimes i don't.

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Can everyone share their user name so I can look at their files please? And any recommendations if they have some.


Dirtymatt (my user name)


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ask it politely


check your router's manual for how to access its configuration, so you can tell it what ports to open up
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My port appers to be closed :(

I'm the second computer so I guess i better call the person who set up my computer for me. :)

I still am able to download some stuff so things could be worse