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Slow Mo House/Disco: Rich Hope - Slow Poke


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Hey guys, some chill vibes for the summer months, hope you enjoy!

Download Rich Hope - Slow Poke


Intro - De La Soul - Millie Pulled a Pistol On Santa
1 DJ Steef - Ride a Poney
2 Bloody Tadi - Got It (Hotbox Slocut)
3 Ed Wizard & Double Dee - Straight Up
4 Late Nite Tuff Guy - Take Your Time
5 Lou Teti - Money (Neighbour Remix)
6 Sister S - Living Ecstasy (Norinton Mix)
7 Heion - Big Fever
8 Larse - Hot (Rich's Edit)
9 Almunia - Space & Time
10 Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield - Slow n Low
11 Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club - Marwencol (Legendary 1979 Orchestra Mix)
12 DJ Steef - Music of the Hot
13 Kris Menace - Waiting For You (Fingerpaint Mix)
14 The Glue - No Turning Back
15 H2 - Chicago Social Club
16 Dead Rose Muci Company - I Can See The Light
17 Mathy K & The Funky Punch - MDMK
18 Alkalino - Love That Funk
19 Nelue - The Real Deal

Be sure to head down to Keating Channel Pub this summer for the BOUNCE events, will be good times!
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itunes is how Jeff releases his podcasts, I have no control over that. Ultimately it's for the best since I believe his podcast is in the top 10 nationwide.

Luckily I've re-upped it on soundcloud, here you go!

Download Rich Hope - DigDeep Podcast 041