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SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

El Dizzo

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** October Live Mix **



YSE Saint Laur’Ant – Freeze Frame- Whiskey Disco
Future Feelings- Skyline – Los Grandes
DJ Moar – French Funk- Editorial
Luvless – Motion Clapture - Foto
Frank Booker - The Sun- Sleazy Beats
DJ Steef- Rising Cost – Editorial
Venice Beach – Move To The Groove – Disco Vibration
Thomass Jackson – Luv Doctor- Editorial
James Welsh – Nowt – Wolf
Feza- Do It Again- Editorial
Daniel Solar- Burning Up – Dikso
Frank Booker- Out West – Sleazy Beats


El Dizzo

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yep . me again

new joint ****



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The GK

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whoever started this thread, Thank you! for the last year i have been looking for music to start of my nights, something to play when people are walking in or while people who are already at the venue having cocktails or finishing their dinner etc.......this is a true lounge type sound , never knew this stuff existed .......works for me :)
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El Dizzo

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Mitzi - All I Heard ( Dave Allison Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD


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Bohannon “Summertime Groove” (Mercury)
Rodriguez & Ditongo “Walk Between The Rain” (Degustibus)
Ida Corr “Hold My Head Up High” Patchworkz Remix (Lifted House)
Cyclist & Maiko Watson “Shine” Lou Teti Remix (Continental)
Magnus Jonsson & Earth “A Better Day” Roberto Rodriguez Remix (Iglesias)
Blue Soul “Summer Trip” Feather River Floating Dub (Roam)
Blue Soul “Summer Trip” Belden Acid Mix (Roam)
Peter Illias “Summer Vibes” Forteba Remix (Silk Textures)
Todd Terje “Strandbar” Samba Version (Olsen)
Session Victim “Yes I Know” (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Situation “Good Life” (Nang)
MFSB “Summertime” (Philadelphia International)​