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SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
~ peep this mix ~

sleazybeats: Dave Allison - Sleazy Beats Mix

105 BPM


01 - Nikola & Sasha - Funk It (Dave Allison Slinky Shuffle remix) [Kinjo]
02 - 6th Borough Project - McLovin [Permanent Vacation]
03 - Eddie C - Space Cadet [Sleazy Beats]
04 - Frank Solano - Blues Line (YSE remix) [Kolour]
05 - Floating Points - Love Me Like This [R2]
06 - Frank Booker - Who's Next? [Fingertips]
07 - Trus'me - Drilling [Fat City]
08 - Mr. Scruff & Kaidi Tatham - Fresh Noodles [Prime Numbers]
09 - The Beatdown Soundmachine - Groove Is On My Mind [Sleazy Beats]
10 - Brett Johnson - Slow Down Baby [Classic]
11 - Pete Herbert - Wally Dub [Redux]
12 - Henry L - Wake Up [Farside]
13 - DJ Raw Sugar - I Just [Lowercase]
14 - 6th Borough Project - Just A Memory [Instruments of Rapture]
15 - Eddie C - Make It Better [Jisco]


nice promo...but where is it on the soundcloud page?

love that blog.

where have all you Canucks been hiding?!?
Eddie C, Dave Allison??

Next time I go to MTL I will look you up for some dancing recommendations!


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the LTJ X-Perience mix on that blog really blew me away. Jazzy, tripped out, loopy - such stoner beats. It's like Farina stuck in purgatory between Mushroom Jazz and house. so so dope.

Dave, looking forward to checking out yours

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
thanks man
here's the direct soundcloud link:

SleazyBeats - Dave Allison - Sleazy Beats Mix - SoundCloud

I do a monthly night here called "The Kinjo Sessions" @ Salon Daome

4th friday of every month. in addition to other random events,
hit me up if you are around, I 'll add you to my guest list

figured out how to snag it from that blog (I'm so technolliterate)

4th friday works well for me, since Mutek is usually at the end of the month.
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El Dizzo

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New Slo Mo Mix for Sleazybeats

Hey -

check this out , if ya like em slo n burnin' or you enjoyed my first one.. :D


TL :

1-Eddie C -Between Now & Then - Endless Flight
2-Giano -Starlight (Dave Allison remix) - Alphabet
3-6th Borough Project -Stratus Quo- Instruments of Rapture
4-Tornado Wallace- Be My Ladyboy -Sleazy Beats
5-The Shake up Connection - Let's Dance -Amplified
6- Dave Allison -Soda Poppin -(Unreleased)
7-Johnny Dynell- Jam Hot (40 Thieves dub) -Smash Hit
8- Tornado Wallace -Tornado Never Dies -Sleazy Beats
9- SE62- Wall Ride (Eddie C remix) Home taping is killing music
10-Thano -Ques-que-ce L'amour - Kinjo Music
11- Kinky Movement -Fastlane (Dave Allison Slo-Burn Remix) Kinjo Music
12- The Noodleman- Starlight (Unreleased)
13- Space Ranger -Herbal Cake -Love Monk
14-Jamie Lloyd -The Wolf's Sun -(Mark E remix)-Future Classic
15- Amplified Orchestra -Hot Muffin- Amplified
16-Funk Transplant- Backbone -Homebreakin'
17-Soulphiction -Prison Song (feat Marcin)- Sonar Kollectiv


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Sal De Ban

TRIBE Member
grab yer blunts for this one

[YOUTUBE]<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/BSL9dIXPFiU&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/BSL9dIXPFiU&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]


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The Revenge has been turning out beast after beast. so prolific yet consistently awesome



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i had the Tornado Wallace bass line stuck in my head so bad I woke up in the middle of the night to sit down with my 5 string and connect the whole stack for the first time in a minute and just crank it. the whole house was vibrating all night.

wicked bass line.


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When NPR did that piece five years ago on South African clubs that were, basically, playing house pitched all the way down, I knew it was only a matter of time . . .

I love it in the car, in my headphones, at a sunrise outdoor bbq afterhours, in a restaurant featuring bad-ass southern-style home cookin', in a swanky lounge-that's-trying-to-be-a-lounge-and-not-a-dance-club . . .

Hate it at a club.

But all the examples up in this thread?

Pure love, bitches. Pure love.
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El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
New Slo Mo Mix Edition!


- Dave Alllison - Slo Mo Disco - " Down in the Zone Mixx" -
65 minutes

1-Super Value - Super Value Edits # 8
2-Nigel Hayes -Slow Burn - Intelligent Audio
3-Tornado Wallace- Swimmin' -Delusions Of Grandeur
4-Ferdi Blankena -Mothers Son - Wolfskuil
5-Toomy Disco - Flighless - So Sound
6-Amplified Orchestra- Play It Disco For Me- Amplified
7-Bob Sinclar - Get in to the Music -Yellow
8-Amplified Orchestra- The Fighting Spirit - Amplified
9-Daft Punk - Santa Claus - Crydamoure
10-ICube - Fallin' - Versatile
11-Floating Points -Love Me Like This -R2
12-Zoe's Raygun- Don't Give up - Community
13-Axxe -Saturday Night (Dave Allison Disco Dust Dub) -Mile End


El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
check this , I think you'll like.
my remix of Joshua Heath's "Nitelife Time" 117 bpm,

slo disco boogie jam

the full ep is coming soon on Kinjo ;)


El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
ok here's another slo jammer, remix of Chicken Lips -" Sweet Cow"

for a competition. feel free to show it some soundcloud love if ya dig it!

[SOUNDCLOUD]http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/chicken-lips-sweet-cow-daves-2-moo-mix[/SOUNDCLOUD] ;)

El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
yep, I 'm still making lots of slo mo disco ,

here's a free WAV file download of a deep groovin' tune.


enjoy !

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
^ funky ass

here's a gorgeous mix i'm loving right now from Aeroplane


1. Sweet G - Games People Play ( Instrumental )
2. Sarah Dash - Low Down Dirty Rhythm
3.Koto - Chinese Revenge ( Maxi Version )
4.Everything Everything - My Kz, Ur Bf ( Grum Remix )
5.Sheharzad - Yalla Yalla ( Kid Who Remix )
6.Chromeo - Don't Turn the Lights On ( Aeroplane Remix )
7.Omar - Feeling You ( Henrik Schwarz Remix )
8.The Chemical Brothers - Swoon ( Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix )
9.Goldfrapp - Believer ( Joris Voorn Remix )
10. Yoko Ono - Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him

Aeroplane (Official) - Aeroplane Late July Mix - SoundCloud
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El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
^ funky ass
thanks a lot Bernnie,

I would post a new thread, as I have some more cool freebies,

but apparently my rights to create new threads have been taken away, LOL

perhaps there is a such a thing on here about too much disco?

I can't seem to send a msg to AlexD either. oh well. :confused:

wondering if anyone else has experienced this..


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looks like you're listed as a "new member", which I think blocks a bunch of privileges. Odd since you've been around for over 5 years but then again there's a lot of inexplicable stuff that goes on here


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Beatdown House, yo...

Can't get enough of this lady's voice - production's pretty thick, too. Too bad not much on wax, tho' - couple of cuts I'd love to own.

Ms Lady Blacktronika



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