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Slither - James Gunn can be added to the new school horror cru

I managed to see this early this afternoon, as was seriously impressed with how hilariously good this film was. Take one part Tremors, add one part Squirm (it's a 1980's horror film - look it up), add a dash of Night of the Creeps, a touch of Dawn of the Dead and voila, you have a splatterifficly fun and pretty unsettling horror comedy that manages to give Shawn of the Dead a good run for the money.

James Gunn (who wrote the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, but then again, wrote Scooby Doo, so I guess he's 1 for 1), really makes this film and makes it run well for it's money. Mixing in a hilariously funny and disgusting Michael Rooker (who, instead of going the route of his past role in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, goes instead the route of a guy trying to be really nice to everyone around him given his mutating situation) with Serenity's Nathan Fillion as the straight man sherrif and hero and The 40 Year Old Virgin's Elizabeth Banks as the wife of Michael Rooker, and the object of Rooker's affection. It's a very low fi, but very very fun and gruesome film that I would highly recommend for anyone looking for both a laugh and a scare. Think along the lines of Hostel, but with a different level of gruesomeness.
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