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Slimm - 6:00AM

Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
hey guys heres a mix i did around 2003 when I was at a spot here in Hamilton called London Lounge. It was in the slums of Hamilton but the Owner Tony C had this place rockin for about 3 months till' the Police came and shut us down lol

I had the chance spin with dj's like ..Paranoid Jack , Nathan Barato, Myka, Kenny Glasgow, Goldfinger, Greg Gow & Deko-ze

it was pretty crazy there for a bit ....it was good while it lasted

anyways there is a bit of everything here...Techno , Tribal , Dirty House & Prog

probably the darkest shit I've ever recorded?

http://www.fun-in-the-murky.com/Audio/Dj_Mixes/Slimm - 6am.mp3


Phat Dope Shit - Saeed & Palash rmx
Inside Me - Barry Gilbey XXX mix
21st Century - Richard Grey
Kemikal - D. Rameriez
Tested On Humans - Paradise Soul
America - Kobbe & Dj Nitro
Preacher - Brown Sugar
In Da Ghetto- Tribes World
Zanzibar - Jesse Garcia
Descarga - Simon & Shaker
Deep Down Underground - Nathan G
Space Calling - Trevor Rockliffe rmx
Groove Me - Peace Division
Beginerz -History


Slimmaroo aka Tony Bandana

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