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Slim Thug - Already Platinum

Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
well a friend of mine recommeded this cd to me and I went and picked it up..

honestly, this Cd dope a hell....I know how some of you feel about the Dirty South . I dont like all of it either.

but really this record is a banger...and lots of Neptunes productionz on here as well .

Slim Thuggga mutherfucker!



Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
what up Tro

man i luckd out here with this Cd..when i forst bought it and popped it in the car i notied i didnt hear any cursing or foul language after a few tracks..lol

then it dawned on me i bought the radio/edited version!!!! LoL

so I called HMV too exchange it . and it was no problem . I open it up on my way to the car and what do i see..????

another Cd behind the orignal version with all 16 cutz & A bonus cd on the other side with another 8 tracks..

it was a dbl collector cd edition!!!! killer score.

Slim Thuggggaaa mutherfucker