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Slim & Fluid @ Fever

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Sweet merciful crap...

I was so impressed with Slim's set. I think it's pretty safe for me to say that it was the best breaks set of the year in my opinion. It is not often that I see a DJ that just completely blows me away with track selection, because I put such great effort into trying to track down all the wicked tunes that are out there... yet, I only recognized 10-20% of the tracks he played! And they were all completely sick.

On top of his track selection, his scratching was smooth, and well-placed. It wasn't as if he was doin' the "hey look at me, I can scratch" routine. He would only scratch to compliment the tracks tastefully. If I wasn't actually watching him scratch, I would have just assumed that the samples he was dropping were produced on the record. And that's the kind of scratching (minimal, yet technical) which works the best with breaks, in my opinion.

The saxaphone was kinda cool too. I thought it worked pretty well - thanks to the effects he used. It was definitely a unique touch.

I would have to say that Slim is the best breaks DJ in Canada, and one of the best in the world.


justin surdit

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keeping along with the theme of copy and paste from the breaks room.....

slim's set was ill shit - its been a while since i saw him, and he did not disappoint - dropped a couple tracks from tipper's new business - angus, you were right on about his scrtaching - technical, yet not dominating, very tasteful - i could have dealt with a little more sax, but it was good that he didnt overkill - kept it very tasteful as a whole..........and i think it was fluid maybe that came on right after him, and dropped 9 nickle's rhythm is everything - sick one, havent heard that one in a couple of years, and i've never heard it dropped at a club, was loving that action - one nitpick - wtf was with the speakers cutting in and out?? anyone know the deal with that???

all in all, it was a solid night......whats this i hear about freq nasty coming back to hamilton?????????????????????


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man that was sweet stuff...

it was worth the trek to hamilton for sure...
slim's set was very different, and the use of the sax made everyting sound sweet...

myka kicked ass in da otha room too...wohoo
hot feet!!

peace all
ps-big ups to all the TBK that were dere...

Smiley Jo

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All the good company and the sweet set from Myka is what made this party fun times.

Thanks to my T.O. crew (Joker FX, discodancer_j, and Finch) for making the trek with me. I have to admit that Slim was not my main reason for heading to Hamilton
, but he certainly impressed me. Whatever effect they had goin on the sax made it sound damn sexy. Props.

Myka was bumpin it in the house room, but I expected nothing less. It was a good set, but why the heck wasn't anyone dancing? *shrug* I don't get it. The vibe was lacking a bit in that room, but it was primarily a breaks party, so what can you do?

Good to see Joey, and the Hamilton massive!