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Sleeping With Your Eyes Open


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I've just recently been told I sleep with my eyes open. I have no definitive proof that I do but I've heard it from other people too....some say it's especially freaky when i'm dreaming....REM with eyes open :eek:

Anyone else do this?? Know why it happens??
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a friend of mine does this.
we have a pic of her sleeping with her eyes open. its creepy since she's staring at the camera but her eyes look so....i dont know....dead or something.

just unaware. and angry.



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I can do this... or not, depends on whether I want to or not that night. It's no biggie and there's nowt wrong with you. It's just a thing.


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my dog sleeps with his eyes open.

are you my dog? because if you are i'm pretty pissed off that you covered the backyard in shit.
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We went to michigan and this guy passed out with his eyes open.... wierd wierd!!





TaCk OnE?

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I bet when stuff is going on like with that guy above your brain incorporates it into dreams cause I'd imagine that your eyes are still seeing things, you're just not concious of it.

that's pretty weird man....sometimes I yell shit in my sleep, and I've been known to get violent when I'm being woken up...throwing wild sleepy punches into the air...haha....I hate being woken up.
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I've fallen asleep with my eyes open before but that was because I was REALLY tired and had to stay awake. My mind just shut down.

And I used to date a girl who would sleep with her eyes a little bit open. Weird indeed.


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My b/f does this sometimes. They would be half open and his eyes would be moving around. Kinda funny to watch heheh..

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Ditto Much

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Originally posted by pb4ugo2bed

Anyone else do this?? Know why it happens??

I sleep with my eyes open. Evidently I also talk quite easily when I'm asleep and have absolutley no ability to lie!!!

My mom and past grilfirends have all taken advatage of this fact before. In fact I remember my mom telling one of them about this fact before.

Dirty Girl

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someone I met recently does this, Its totally creepy, I kept thinking he was staring at me, totally creepy. dont know how anyone can sleep like that, it must always be bright in their eyes when they sleep, I prefer pitch black.