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Slam @ Life

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Awesome. BIG PARTY TRACKS! Buiiiilllld, DROP the Basslines. Couple of tracks I've only heard once, played by another big time DJ whose last name starts with a "W."
Ran into Hal9000 and some other dude representin' the Front Row Crew. Place was packed. Left absolutely drenched. Exited and turned to my buddy, "we needed that."

Par- T

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HOT Hot hot

Damn was it steamy in Life on Sat.
Slam played house for 2 hours
Wasn't expecting that but it was good anyway.
Once the Techno started - no lookin' back

Missed all of Peter & Tyrone due to socializing and getting there late. Had to be upfront when Slam started and was soon cooking. They played a good house set but that wasn't what I went for. After 1 hr they hardened up and I thought we were going to get techy but were soon back to house.
Once the techno started - OMG!
I was so wiped after the Tribe 8yr and work all day, I was suprised I actually found some energy to dance, but with Slam providing the musical tech fuel - what choice did I have?
Life had their usual assortment of ravers, club victims, muscle marys, hoochies, sketch pads, etc. Holy crap LIFE please buy some air-cond. though - they steamed then baked us all.
Thanks to Malia (Girl Friday) and her friends it was actually bearable. Cool afterparty too and I actually knew some people there (hey there to Lynn & Tara) What a switch: SLAMming tech to moving trance, too bad I missed the Russian guy!
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Selecta ... I know what I missed. Trust!. However, I did have a great time in Detroiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I recommened to a friend for the first time. He was not disapointed.

I got the full review ----------------------------------> Suke.