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Slam, Layo and Bushwacka in London England

girl friday

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Whoa - chickpea and girl friday here ... it's 8am London time and this show was so amazing we had to tell everyone before going to get some sleep. Good sound system, good people and most of all excellent music - check Slam out asap (hopefully in Toronto soon...)!

Heather and Malia
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Layo and Bushwacka! played the Guvernment a few months back...Bushwacka! is one of the finest producers out there, in my opinion. Lots of natural sounds that create a sort of unparalleled "lushness". Brilliant.

girl friday

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\layo and bushwaka were pretty good but oh my god, SLAM just rocked our world. It was incredible amazing vibe wikid sound system, fun crowd, i love london.

Don't let the Life factor keep you away he is totally worth seeing
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i was totally planning on hitting that event, but got tired from a busy day of wandering around london and didn't end up going.

glad to hear it was great.

slam kicked my ass last september at the warehouse.

hope your trip is going well... i had a great time in london... even won tickets to catch derrick may & aril brikha on 4 may.



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