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Skyrim thread

Discussion in 'Technology' started by workdowntown, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. sheik rock

    sheik rock TRIBE Member

    No, once it is enchanted it is permanent.
  2. I went with fire and it was a mistake of inexperience - my next Ebony bow (or whatever I find that's better) will probably go with frost or lightning to fuck up magic users.
  3. Archery now 100, Enchantment is high 60's.

    With smithing, is it like lockpicking, where you'll get more experience for using metals that are outside of your specialty? I've only got Elven Smithing so far, but I'm trying to get it to 60 for the ability to improve magical items.

    Also, pickpocketing - any tips on how to level up fast? I'm about mid 40's right now
  4. workdowntown

    workdowntown TRIBE Member

    ^No, just spam iron daggers and leather strips for maximum cost/benefit.

    Then keep all that shit somewhere and use weak gems to enchant all of the shit you made.

    Will build up smithing and enchantment in no time.
  5. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    finished the main quest - barely noticed the 142 hours I apparently spent doing it
  6. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Dawnguard is up on XBL!

    I know what I'm doing tonight! =)
  7. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    i havent played my console since i started playing SWTOR, but i dusted off the controllers, and charged em up, and my lv 43 Skyrim character is going to get some love soon ! as well as a few other games i have been neglecting, alas it is for PS3 so i dont get the xpac yet.

    should i finish the game before downloading when it comes out?
  8. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    My last save (level 47) was just before the final battle. I just suspended that and went off and you talk to the first guard you come to - he mentions Dawnguard and boom the quest starts.

    It's pretty fun so far, I chose the Vampire Lord track. I might go in again and try the Dawngard track afterward and see how much fun that is.
  9. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    I made sure to save my game before accepting Harkon's gift. Just in case I can't get back to wolfie after the quest line is done.
  10. greginhali

    greginhali TRIBE Member

    How is Dawnguard? Im interesting in loading it up.
  11. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    lots of fun. as some reviewers have mentioned elsewhere they've done a really nice job of integrating the pack into the game world, such that you don't feel like you're just going off into a corner somewhere, off-world, doing stuff and then coming back to the world when it's done, like the Fallout DLC were. This is more of an expansion of the game - new abilities, weapons and skill trees are added in addition to the missions. Well worth it.
  12. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    I do like the dragonbone weapons as well. I would like to see more differing types of smithing added as DLCs drop.
  13. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member


  14. greginhali

    greginhali TRIBE Member

    just loaded up the new update. Im going to log some hours on this bad boy. I still love this game.

    BTW, is there any other games coming out that have a similar feel? Non linear story lines, with a free roaming world.
    It seems to be my comfort zone for games.

  15. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    This Gangnam style thing is invading everything... even Skyrim WTF!!!

  16. greginhali

    greginhali TRIBE Member

    the best. funny
  17. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    slept on two DLCs.. might take a peek at what they are all aboot.

  18. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Any favorite mods you guys fancy?
  19. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

  20. greginhali

    greginhali TRIBE Member

  21. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    i've been playing the crap out of the game for the past month on the 360 again.

    I love glitching and getting all the "Secret" chests lying around the world.

    dawnstar and markarth have "hidden chests" for all the kajit caravans that are on the outskirts of those cities.
    In whiterun you've gotta jump outside of the wall and make your way around to the skyforge and glitch through the rocks. You can access the hidden chest that way and rape it for loot and sell it right back to the guy.

    it sucks that they took out the infinite speech loop out of the guy in the meadery in riften. Now leveling up speech is hard.

    With that said, it's still easy to abuse restore restoration potions w/ fortify smithing/enchanting to boost up levels quick if you have the materials to do it.

    if you have shadowmere as your horse, you can still abuse the shit out of that poor fucker with your destruction spells to level up destruction magic. Although it's a bit of a time consuming process but it still works.
  22. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    shame that they changed all of this since you made that post in 2012.

    Now the best way to level up smithing is to make shit based on the cost of the item. Without doing the potion exploit, the easiest way to do this is to go to the halted stream camp directly north of whiterun. Get all the iron ore and the transmute spell (only place in the game to get it).

    Transmute all that ore to gold ore. Smelt it, and make gold items.
    It's the quickest way to level up smithing from the start of the game.

    you can still pickpocket gold from trainers. But it's tough. My pickpocket is at 50+, have +25% chance boots (upgraded thieves guild boots) and a +15% chance amulet and 3/5 of the base pickpocketing perk, and the get gold easier perk.... i STILL cant pull my 8 grand back from a trainer. Annoying..
  23. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    Just started this game. I'm in Whiterun lvl5 warrior chick wielding a two handed mace.
  24. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    switch it up to a greatsword when you can. They swing the fastest out of the two handed weapons.
  25. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    Is the dmg that much different? I like one/two hitting with the big hammer.

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