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That was the most fucking amazing thing i've done since......welll....EVER. I am definitely going back as soon as I can. I'm even going to get my tandem progression to becoming a certified skydiver.

It was great, the simultaneous rush and feeling of floating. Its not like when you fall down, and you can feel that you're falling, you just float away from the plane and frolic in a sea of air. 7000' in 30 seconds! woooooohoooooooooo!!!!!

The ride under the canopy was great, too. I thought it was much better than flying a glider. You have so much freedom, just suspended up there. You can turn and spin it around, stop it in midair, and make it go faster again.

Only three of us ended up going (J-hi, Bumbaclat, and myself), but if you want a chance I believe we are planning to go back in August (well at least I am)
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I'm a punk... I said I couldn't afford it but my friends think I'm just a scaredy cat.. either way, I'm a punk!

glad you guys got to the ground alive.. August, I'm there - NO EXCUSES!


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yea, too much fun! I was an absolute space case though. I was at Deep Dish the night before and never had the opportunity to sleep (well, I closed my eyes between 6:40 and 7:00).
I'm going again with my mom in August.


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Go on a Sunday so I can go this time!! I have a few friends who did it, and I was hanging out with them after they went - they were so pumped full of adrenaline all day afterwards - and ever since then I've wanted to go!!


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it was.... CRAZY...AMAZING...almost undescribable. i'm definitely glad that i tried it. i have to keep reminding myself that i did actually do it!!!

on saturday afternoon i jumped out of a plane flying 13,000 feet in the air. what the fuck was i thinking?!??!? it didn't really hit me - what i was about to do - until i got into the plane...until we were flying higher and higher and higher into the air....fuck, i thought 1,000 feet was high enough....13,000 was insane! ahhh!!!!!! and then came the part where i had to exit the plane at this altitude. i was kinda hesitant - okay, that's a bit of an understatement! but at the urging of my instructor, i stepped out. oh my god! and then we jumped....

the freefall was crazy...i don't know if i liked it very much. i had some trouble breathing...partly due to the air being thinner up there...and partly due to the shock that i was in. freefall lasted about 30-40 seconds, which is pretty long when you think about it. then the chute opened...

i liked the slow parachute-aided descent much better. the view was absolutely incredible....and it was like flying!!!! i was shaking my head in disbelief the whole time with a huge smile on my face...unable to say anything more than "wow". i wish i could've brought a camera up with me.

as we got closer to the ground and had to stear towards our landing site, i got kinda nauseated (from twisting around back and forth)...but i didn't puke! thank god, i would've felt like a complete idiot! and the actual landing was soft - it didn't hurt at all.

all-in-all, it wasn't quite what i expected...not that i knew what to expect. you don't get the same adrenaline rush that you get from, say, roller coasters. it's completely different! i might do it again at some point. not in august, though...i gotta start saving some cash for school!

i want to thank adam (aka bumbaclat) for organizing this whole thing...and for driving us up (and for letting me drive the benz back
). i can't believe we did it!!! whoo-hoo!!!

<---- satisfied, having just crossed something off her life's to-do list
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When I was in Tyrol Austria last July, I was given the chance to try a new "sport" as they called it, which had just recently been introduced.
I believe they called it parapenting, but I cannot remember as I was to nervous at the time. Instead of jumping out of a plane, we jumped off one of the highest peaks in the Austrian Alps, which was somewhere around 5000 feet. It was the freakiest thing that I have ever done, but it was amazing because at the time it tested my greatest fear:Heights.
We fell down through the Clouds, and you could see virtually nothing till you got through them, and then were completely blown away by the the view of the valleys and such. The jump itself took about 30 minutes or so to complete and to this day remains the single best decision I believe I have ever made.
Of course we had to sign wavers before doing this, cause there was less then 30 minutes of training provided to about 15 of us!
The funniest thing was that one hour prior to doing this, I called my family to tell them I was thinking about doing this, but tI ran out of Austrian schillings, so the phone got cut off. After following through with it I did not call home for another week or so, and my mom believed I was dead somewhere in the Austrian Alps during the time!



Let me know the date you're planning the August trip. I'll come in from Montreal for it! Seriously.

I jumped just over a year ago in the Swiss Alps - 12,000' That was a view. And the jumpmaster had to land his last jump in a totally different town, so I got to drive his Audi Quattro through the Alps to meet him there.

There's no feeling like freefall.


(in case you don't know my handle - its Josh from Cheeka's 2 saturdays ago!)