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SKRATCH 'N' SNIFF @ 160 Spadina


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Before even beginning this review, I must send a big shout to the one they call Mix & Match for throwing one hell of a party!

For those who were there, you know that this party was tight as hell, from beginning to end. On with the sets...

I stepped in as Lady Bass was finishing her set, from what I heard she was totally bangin'!

Unabomber stepped up with some nice pounding tekno that got this bwoy shakin his bootay.

Impact... HOLY MOLY!! This guy totally impressed me with a clean UK HH set (boo for vestax, but whatever).

Rob Solo had a totally unexpected set. Everyone was grooving to his set, I was impressed once again.

Ken Finch, my goodness gracious!! When will the insanity stop?? Wikkid tekno set.

Lair Driver, what a way to end a perfect nite! From his first to last track, the crowd couldn't get enough.

Big up to all who were there, I really loved the vibe, the heat was pretty heavy, but when you got music this bangin', heat is not a factor anymore. I can't wait for Mix & Match's next party, I am SO there!


**this party never had a dull moment. Truly a good party indeed.**


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Good Job on their first party!
Other then heat it was very slammin'!
Good job to all the DJs I heard

I like the venue but it need some ventilation.