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Skipping Commercials Is Stealing According To Turner Ceo


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I know Tivo isn't 100% here yet but this warrants some discussion - Ach.

From: http://www.inside.com/product/produ...ld&pf_ID=7A2ACA71-FAAD-41FC-A100-0B8A11C30373


Posted 1 May 2002 11:05:57 UTC

It was inevitable. The broadcast industry is now describing people who skip over commercials as thieves! And with new technology like HDTV and insane laws such as the DMCA, they may very well make it stick in the future.

Jamie Kellner is the chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting, which encompasses everything from CNN to TNT and is a part of AOL Time Warner. On Monday, an interview with Kellner appeared in CableWorld.

In response to a question on why personal video recorders (PVR's) were bad for the industry, Kellner responded: "Because of the ad skips.... It's theft. Your contract with the network when you get the show is you're going to watch the spots. Otherwise you couldn't get the show on an ad-supported basis. Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you're actually stealing the programming."

While most programming on American TV is so insultingly bad that nobody would ever need to steal it in the first place, there is great danger in permitting this line of reasoning to become accepted. If this is seen as a "problem," expect legislation forbidding any device that allows consumers to skip the sacred commercial. Kellner, however, is not completely unreasonable. When asked if he considers people who go to the bathroom during a commercial to be thieves, he responded: "I guess there's a certain amount of tolerance for going to the bathroom. But if you formalize it and you create a device that skips certain second increments, you've got that only for one reason, unless you go to the bathroom for 30 seconds. They've done that just to make it easy for someone to skip a commercial." Heaven forbid.


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i agree and disagree

on one hand, if we skip the commercials, how will they pay for the mindless drivel we watch?

on the other

what the fuck? thieves of music! thieves of shows! whats next? if we dont go to mcdonalds were thieves of fake beef??
I view this argument as being idiotic. Next thing they'll be doing is demanding that we stare at every fucking billboard that's on the street. We have fundamental right to decide what we watch and don't watch, much like I choose to close the fucking pop ups that come up when I access a site. To the ad companies: make me watch your mindless drivel? You have to make ads that are the calibre of the Palme d'Or winners every year to make me sit up and take notice. It's just a bunch of sub-standard ad execs who feel that their jobs are endangered and want fucking job security.

From the Ministry of that be booooooooooooowwwl sheeeeeeet

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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Originally posted by qtip
whats next? if we dont go to mcdonalds were thieves of fake beef??

Your analogy is a little off.

I think a better one would be the makers of Pepto Bismol calling Taco Bell theives if Taco Bell were able to make a product that doesn't make you feel ill ;)


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following this guy's reasoning, people who ignore the ads in magazines are 'stealing' the content of the magazines.

Myself I would support a product that screened out _subsequent_ airings of ads - i.e. you see the ad once, it can't be blocked, but every repeat is blipped off. This wouldn't sell either, to those people who think the lumpen proletariat have to have ads drummed into their heads repeatedly to make the message stick. Probably right in the case of some people. But those of us with higher function? Please.
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Obviously they are paving the way for them to introduce legislation to have a surcharge on disk recording technology that has the capabilites to skip ads.

Fucking sooo dumb.

So this WILL result in the consumer having to take the brunt of it regardles of weather they skip the ads or not.

Which is a concept I never understood..


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governments and corporations are afraid of new technologies which empower the people, thus making their own decisions, thinking what they wish and buying into only what they want. it's happening all over the place.

this is a democracy, isn't it? power to the people!!


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By this line of logic, anyone who doesn't click on an internet ad banner is stealing the content of the website they're browsing.

This may pave the way for them to legislate those pop-up blockers that prevent websites from opening new windows with advertising content in them.
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Gavin the Bass

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we're being stolen FROM by the fact that we actually have to pay for television when 1/3 of it is advertising...

tribe is free because of the advertising, same with radio...

yes yes, tv is more complicated, technically demanding and has higher-priced content. but fuck, c'mon, everyone watches television, and regardless of the price, companies will pay to advertise because of the huge number of people viewing (i.e. superbowl, where 30-second add spots are worth millions).

make them pay for exposing us little people to wasted airtime...


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we already pay for the service

thats like how we pay extra money for those bell vista 3000 phones with the large display.. and all the extra display shows is ad's that bell makes money off of ..

should give the phone away free.




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This reminds me of two grade nine students who walked out of their class because the newly implemented television station installed in each classroom (forgot the name of the station) was playing a significant amount of corporate adverts.

They were both suspended and sent to juvenile hall.

Really sick society we live in when kids who don't want to be bombarded with commercials get punished or penalized.


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Yeah. I distinctly remember them getting transferred to a class for deviants.
They're taking legal action now...
I have to find the article to verify first....
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