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Sketchy rave/EDM "medics".....


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The rave scene has a new scourge. I affectingly refer to them as "sketch medics"…. You may have seen them. You may know them. Some of you already roll your eyes when they walk into the room. One thing is for certain… These are the LAST people you want anywhere near you or anyone you care about in an emergency! It took years to clean up the business (Remember venues shutting off the water, having no A/C and very little security?) and now we have this....

There are some real winners… How about the guys who say they are the Canadian Forces equivalent of the highest level of civilian (Critical Care) Paramedics…. Yet they got these skills in just a few months as opposed to the more than 4 years of in-class and ride out time it takes in the civilian world. Not to mention that each of the 3 steps on the way requires at least a few years to be competent! This makes their claims nothing short of miraculous wouldn't you say?! Mysteriously, these people are no longer in the military but still claim certifications coming out the Yin Yang. How about the guy who is "working" and drinking a beer.... Is that ok? What about when they tell people they work in a Municipal Paramedic service when in fact… they had a ride along! I wish I was making this up.... Then there is the girl who took CPR once, and considers herself to be a “medic”, working a beach party topless except for taped nipples and a stethoscope.... To quote her directly, "What's wrong with that?"..... Seriously? Collectively, this stuff and these people would be laughable if it weren't for the very serious risks to their patients and potential liability issues for venues or promotors.

Why do I take this so personally? I have run a non-profit team of medical first responders since 2000. I have devoted thousands of hours of my own time, to doing this properly. I started as a first responder with St-John ambulance Toronto until they refused to service raves anymore. So, I left them and used my own money to pay for the certifications, equipment and uniforms for my team called Emergency Medical Responders. A group that would ultimately specialize in the EDM scene. Fast forward a few years and I decided to go the next step and became a full time Paramedic in a municipal ambulance service (Where I still work). It was hard work to get through the full time college program while working two jobs (plus EMR events with the help of some amazing medics!) and being a parent but, I did it. I still pay upfront for the things EMRs need such as replacing expired or worn out items or things like our new logistics trailer. I get paid back slowly from donations which can take years. Most of our first responders have moved on to Paramedic careers in the GTA and four have gone on to becoming Doctors! I'm so proud of all of them! Many continue to volunteer their time to train the next generation. I'm fortunate to have such amazing people...So is the rave scene!

I have run the medical teams for WEMF, CEMF, OM festival and many of the Harvest Festivals, along with countless parties across the GTA. In 14 years, I have NEVER once overstated my qualifications or abilities. When people would ask "Are you a Paramedic" (back when I wasn't) I was always truthful and clear. I have become well known and trusted in the industry as a party safety advocate. I love the music! I love the people! I don't want to see a few idiots bring down the standards and reputation my team and I have built over the years. They are bringing back the sketchy side of the rave scene... a side I have fought tooth and nail. Can you see why I have a problem with this? They aren’t even competition! At least that would be something meaningful! My team and I are nothing like the sketch medics, and want no association with them.

"Heyyyy man…. What is the problem?! We're just trying to help!" ~ Sketch medic

"Really? How are you helping? What is your contribution? This is what I have seen….."

* No real equipment: No oxygen or airway management, no ventilation tools or suctioning, no defibrillator, no monitoring equipment…. Basically, nothing of use in a real emergency. Gloves? Bandaids? Congratulations! You're a first aider... And there is NOTHING WRONG with that... as long as you make it clear just who and what you are.

* No investment in uniforms, regular training or certifications… Things that give you the ability to respond safely, competently and professionally to emergencies.

* Being intoxicated on the job.(or even just "working" with a drinking wristband or a beer in hand!!)

* Delusional beliefs that consuming copious amounts of drugs personally makes you a medical expert on drugs. "Give them sugar! Stick your fingers down their throat! Give them some cocaine to offset the downer! Just slap them! Having a bad trip? Here, have one of my Lorazepam! Put them out in the -25 C while sweaty and not wearing a coat! "It SNAPS them right out of it!" Sacrifice a chicken on the 3rd Sunday of the month and you will never G out again! The list of dumbfuckery is endless….

* Outright LIES or deception regarding their employment and/or qualifications.

* Sketchy promoters or the sketch medics themselves using my reputation for credibility and venue reassurance. Saying they know me or have worked with me. Absolute bollocks.

Maybe it's the fault of the rave scene itself. Maybe people don't fill the parties like they used to and the promoters can't afford to bring in the right people. I accept that a tiny, free or low cost party doesn't have anything in their budget to support our EMR team. I get it. If you would rather have a first aider than nothing, that's ok. Just don't lie about it to the venue or your party goers.

Bottom line.... There are some people desperately trying to find acceptance by pretending to be something they aren't. They were unwilling to do the work of getting properly certified, or spending the thousands of dollars it takes to put together the equipment and supplies required to do this job properly. They want to feel important and to have people pat them on the back for the selfless work they are performing… But it isn't selfless. It's selfish. They’re stroking their own egos while putting people's lives at risk with their lack of professionalism, knowledge and the tools needed for the job.I don’t like it and feel it’s my duty to bring this to the attention of everyone in the scene.

For the record, I don't make a living doing this. I do it to support the Electronic Music scene I love, and for my EMRs (future Paramedics, nurses and Doctors!!) who want to use their skills, gain real world experience and help the rave community. I would be just as happy to go party at these events if someone else wants to step up and take over doing what I have for the last 14 years. My message to the Toronto Sketch Medics (and other pretenders) is this..... Do it properly, or GTFO!!

Ps. feel free to re-post.
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Raves still exist? Where?

I tried finding a party last weekend and it was a very sad endeavour. At the end of the night, I ended up in the parking lot of Guvernment with a sketch bag that I had met on the street. I let him sleep on my couch, and getting rid of him in the morning was quite difficult. He tore my bathroom cabinet apart looking for hair products. I'm bald.


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^^^too funny.

Lucky he didn't find your stash or you might have needed a medic.

I tried to find a party on Canada Day at 3:00 in the morning after Cherry beach and ended up on a dead college street outside the zone. There was nothing. No Government, no zone, Karaoke at Round in Kensington. I know the Guv always used to have a Canada Day bash that went into the next day.
Coda was the only option but they close at 5 or 6.


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No that was the Monday after Digital Dreams. I found out about that on the evening of and was gonna go but hooked up with a girl who wanted to party during the day Canada Day. I told her, do you realize I just skipped going to see my fav dj do a marathon set to hang out with you? lol.
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Klubmasta Will

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hi adam.

what sketchy medics are you talking about? could you give some examples of either companies or parties/venues at which they've been?

most of us don't see the inside of medics tents often, so we wouldn't know the difference.

thanks for all you've done to keep parties safe! :)