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Skank Honto - funky breaks set from Phresh Radio

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this mix was recorded last Friday (or Saturday morning June 3rd technically) when I played on a radio show here in town on the FM dial as well as broadcast through a few sites online, and seeing as the archive downloads end today, thought I would upload it myself for those who missed it, and also a better quality version (192k) as now its on my own bandwidth.

technics1200 RIGHT CLICK, choose SAVE AS technics1200

this set is 75 minutes of breaks, with a ton of funky flavours,
lots of current releases, and even a couple moodier tunes in around the mid point thrown in for good measure.

Skank Honto - www.skankhonto.com
broadcast on 94.9FM in London - June 3rd 2006
1.) Ed Royal & DJ Enne - Greetings To... (Innvision Records)
2.) Le Scratch Funk - the Go Off!! (Melting Pot Music)
3.) The Sweaty Hunks - Bump Ya Booty (East)
4.) unknown - Hijack the Express (Pirate Breaks)
5.) Fatboy Slim - Give The Po' Man a Break (Skint)
6.) Brothers Bud - Pump Box (Vinyl Addiction)
7.) Soto - Ghetto Blast Ya (Menu Music)
8.) Scissorkicks & Sgt Rock - Seoul Warfare (West Records)
9.) Ian Van Dahl - Inspiration [Krafty Kuts Remix] (Deepcut)
10.) Precision Cuts - Smartbreaks in the Place (Smart Breaks)
11.) Aquasky feat. El Hornet from Pendulum - Girls and Boys (Passenger)
12.) Plaza De Funk - Got the Funk [Madox Mozzarella Mix] (West Records)
13.) Will White - Digital Funk (Funktional)
14.) Skank Honto & Crisis - Lynn's Whistle (CDR)
15.) Groove Allegiance - System 100 (Splank!)
16.) Rennie Pilgrim - The Preacher (TCR)
17.) unknown - Woz not Woz breaks mix (white)

feedback always appreciated!
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