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Six injured in shooting at Red Lite "rave" club in Laval

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Subsonic Chronic, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    From: The Toronto Star

    Shooting injures six at Quebec rave

    Police say suspects were members of street gangs

    LAVAL, Que. (CP) - Four gang members known to police were arrested Monday following an early-morning shooting at a local rave club that injured at least six people, including one seriously.
    Laval police chief Jean-Pierre Gariepy said the suspects, who were among the throng of young people at the club, were members of street gangs.

    "We identified street gang members who were involved in the confrontation inside the building," he told the all-news French-language network LCN.

    The four suspects under arrest had not been charged as of early Monday evening.

    About 3,000 people were inside the Red Lite club in this major suburb just off the north shore of Montreal when one or more suspects fired nine shots at about 5 a.m., police said. Police searched and questioned each of the party-goers before allowing anyone to leave.

    Two people were arrested almost immediately and two others were arrested six hours later.

    The incident allegedly took place after a group of about a dozen people were chased by security guards after entering the building.

    More than 100 officers encircled the warehouse building while others investigated inside.

    Fearing armed suspects were still be inside, police questioned and searched the youths for weapons as they filed past a police cordon.

    "No weapons have been found so far," said police spokesman Guy Lajeunesse.

    The injured people sustained shots to the back, thorax, leg, arm and chest.

    "The six people were in stable condition, conscious and alert when we arrived, except one person whose hospital destination was changed because his condition deteriorated a little bit," said ambulance spokesman Laurent Poitras.

    One person was shot three times in the back but he wasn't the most gravely injured.

    The heat inside the club and the long wait before being allowed to leave led to as many as 20 cases of dehydration among party-goers. Hours after the shooting, ambulances continued to remove people from the building in stretchers.

    "It's frustrating, we didn't do anything and we felt like we were the people who did something wrong," said Michele Brazeau. ``It was suffocating in there."

    Witnesses said panic overcame the party-goers as they attempted to flee the scene of the shooting.

    "I heard the shots and saw a girl on the ground," a male teen told LCN. "I then saw a guy with a bullet in his arm, another one was shot in the chest, another in the leg."

    Many others said, however, that they didn't hear the shots above the loud music.

    Even as police continued their investigation, music could be heard coming from inside the facility, located in a remote area of an industrial park.
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    patri©k TRIBE Member

    moodsy tabernacle !

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    Hell in a handbasket.
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    And then the bullet looked at me.

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