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Sister Bliss RAWKED!!!


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Okay...um...lemme see...yeah...she played 2:00am - 4:00am and she blew the crowd at System away.
She dropped 3 new acetates...one of her new track...one of the new Faithless track...a brand new remix of a classic Rollo track...plus about a dozen white-labels.
That's cutting edge music.
The crowd was tearing up the dancefloor!!!!
Sister Bliss RAWKS!!!
Breathe RAWKS!!!
The crowd at System RAWKS!!!


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yeah sister bliss was good...very hard, kinda bouncy stuff...& does she ever look serious while shes spinning (& pretty fine lookin too

but Mark Scaife RAWKS...this guy consistently is on top of his game, taking the crowd on a moody, deep, dark, atmospheric trip...

still haven't slept since my trip to the post party "comfort zone" reopening...great night overall...cheers, jc


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Yea yea purpley! Sister blew the roof off the place! I had such an AMAZING time last night
. Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, she drop yet another slammin track in! Blew my mind! Smooth, flawless mixing too
. I hope she comes back to t.o. REALLY REALLY soon. A couple highlights of the night for myself and my friend tho. We talked with Sister briefly before her set, and she remembered my friend who gave Sister a Canadian flag at Girls on Top (how cool is that!), and when I was pumpin my fist in the air as she was just droppin in a fresh track, she looked right at my and had the biggest smile on her face. She knew that the whole place was goin' nutz for her tasty beats

Mebbe someone should try to talk her into a residency somewhere here in Toronto? I know I'd be there every time she played

Big props to all the friendly people at System and the promoters who brought an unbelievable DJ in!

Oooh ... almost forgot. Whoever the DJ before Sister was (Scaife?), atta throw down some old Jam and Spoon tracks off the Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 album (I counted 2, anyone else?) from way back in the day ('94 i think?)

-- Jay aka Fut


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She's playing here in Ottawa at Atomic tonight, good to know that people wont be dissapointed.

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to the best of my knowledge itz a UK garage thing...as in the track "when the crowd say bo, selector"...(i believe mc neat & dj luck) or something like that...

bo, jc


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To the best of my knowledge you are wrong.
Bo!!! is something we sat at Punter when things are wicked.
Of course it may also be a UK garage thing but UK garage is horrible.
Anyhow...Copeland...start your own thread.
And send me a freakin' demo will ya???
Now back to the "How wicked was Sister Bliss?" thread.


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" Oooh ... almost forgot. Whoever the DJ before Sister was (Scaife?), atta throw down some old Jam and Spoon tracks off the Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 album (I counted 2, anyone else?) from way back in the day ('94 i think?)"

Unless Mark suddenly discovered his black roots, I think its safe to say that was Deko-ze spinning before Sister Bliss

And yup, he did drop a couple classic Jam & Spoon tracks; my fave: "Follow Me" wasn't actually on that album though (I think). It was a 'B' side, believe it or not, to one of their more commercial singles.

As for Sister Bliss... Her name says it all: bliss!! I've heard alot of good sets at System lately but one thing made hers stand out: it was unique. Not just your standard progressive fare. It had sass!! And the lady had class!!



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i swear i posted in here already, but it might have been removed??

she kicked the living crap out of atomic on saturday night..i was so juiced to hear some of the records she had..thats a good thing

on the downside, i now have a HUGE shopping list...thats a bad thing..im going to be poor.
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