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SIRIUS question


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I have checked their site and I didn't really understand much how this works - so...

I have two cars, one with SIRIUS-enabled deck and the other one is just a crappy stereo.

What do I need to buy for the car with the deck and for the car with the crappy stereo that's not SIRIUS-enabled?
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if you get a satellite tuner for you Sirius car deck it will be a clean setup (no wires or extra controll units and shit everywhere) but it's a permanent install so you can't use that tuner in your other car. you'd have to get a second receiver for your other car and pay an extra $8/month (on top of the monthly fee you're paying for you Sirius car deck). the second receiver would be portable so you could take it out of the car and use it in your house (you'll probably want to get a second antena for your house)

otherwise you could just activate a portable receiver and get an antena for each of your cars. then just take the receiver with you to whatever car you want satellite radio in. again you can get a third antena for your house. you won't get the benefits of using your Sirius deck because the portable reciever will be the interface you'll use. this option saves you the cost of the tuner for your sirius deck and the extra $8/month but you'll be limited to satellite radio in one location at a time.

the portable units come with a built in fm transmitter so the sound quality isn't so great. you should check to see if your car decks have Aux inputs in the back. if they do you can run a wire from the back of the deck to the dash and plug the receiver into that, giving you better sound quality.

edit: this is a portable unit
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